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International business law

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  1. Introduction
  2. Legals risks
    1. Civil law
    2. CISG
    3. WTO
    4. WIPO
  3. Others risks
    1. Political Risks
    2. Cultural Risks
    3. Financial Risks
  4. Methods for entering foreign markets
  5. Conclusion

International business law is about the main legal risks we have making contracts all over the world. Knowing principal rules and risks, it is a right way to do business overseas. That is why this study about international business law is a good method to increase future international managers awareness to legal risk.

Today we live in a globalized world. It is not possible to avoid this phenomenon. Products we consume come from Asia, South America, Europe eastern etc? Globalization is the set of international exchanges. Each year, these exchanges go up. So, that is why it is important to introduce rules through international treaties, trade agreements or world organizations.

It is important to create a global system to support globalization exchanges. This global system's aim is to harmonize exchanges and solve dispute between businesses from different countries.There exist different methods to do business in a foreign country. For instance, you can choose to export directly or indirectly products in the foreign country. You can choose to make a foreign direct investment (joint ventures, subsidiaries?) or also to franchise.

Declining barriers to the free flow of goods, services and capital enables to increase globalization. Progresses in transportation and technology (i.e. internet connection) have a direct impact on globalization. In this context, firms have just one idea in mind: Enter in foreign market to develop their activity and increase profit. Companies inevitably have to expand it, to find costless solution to produce and make its profit increase.

[...] These international agreements allow Turkey to be more attractive because these international agreements limit legal risks to do business in Turkey. But there are always a gap between theory and practice. For instance, intellectual property is less respected and integrated as in France. Indeed, Turkey has a reputation to produce a lot of counterfeit goods. It is the most important flair today to do business in Turkey. It is the reason why laws in terms of intellectual property must be reinforced more and more to fight this latent risk thanks to the role of WIPO. [...]

[...] In this business case, I prefer to choose the international licensing of technology method to enter Turkish market. First of all, I think this method allow entering a market enough quickly. When you are a licensor you don't need so much investment with this strategy. It is permit to benefit from Turkish growth rapidly with regular compensation as royalties system. Moreover, it is possible to employ local expects (licensee) who speak Turkish to do business. Then, Turkey represents a large domestic market which several big cities, it is why it is interesting to choose a method to develop our business quickly without too big investments. [...]

[...] The contract involves the commercial sale of goods (French products) The parties to the agreement are located in different countries (Turkey and France) The principal place of business for each party is in a country that is a signatory to the CISG (Turkey, 2009) CISG convention avoids uncertainty of which country's law govern this dispute (France or Turkey). CISG also defines the breach of contract: ?Failure to perform any promise that is part of a contract without a valid excuse.? Is the country a member of the World Trade Organization? [...]

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