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Is it possible for a construction project to be delivered on time and within budget when the customer is unsure of his or her needs?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Literature Review.
  3. Project Management in Construction?An Owner's View?
  4. Problems that Arise in the Context of Construction Management.
  5. Cost and Time Estimates.
  6. Application of the Data.
  7. Answering the Question.
  8. Discussion/Recommendations.
  9. Conclusion.

Project management for construction is a complex process that must combine the efforts of a number of individuals in order to be successful. According to Hendrickson (2000) ?Like the five blind men encountering different parts of an elephant, each of the numerous participants in the process of planning, designing, financing, constructing and operating physical facilities has a different perspective on project management for construction? (Chapter 1). Hendrickson goes on to note that while specialized knowledge can facilitate the development of a construction project, those in charge of construction must have a clear understanding of the way in which each of the parts of the project fits together. What this effectively suggests is that project management in construction requires the use of a wide range of skills that require the project manager to be both facilitator and expert.With the realization that construction projects carry with them the challenge of being complex integrative tasks, project managers working on construction projects will ultimately encounter a number of problems and issues when undertaking these types of projects. Given the importance of project management to the overall success of the construction project, it is helpful for professionals to consider some of the specific issues that can promulgate distress in this setting such that steps can be taken to mitigate negative outcomes and improve project completion.

[...] is possible for a construction project to be delivered on time and within budget when the customer is unsure of his or her needs?the answer appears to be Discussion/Recommendations While the central question posed in this investigation has been answered, the reality of applying theory into practice is that oftentimes it does not work effectively. To illustrate this point one only needs to consider in the construction of the CVC undertaken by the federal government. In the context of this case, it becomes evident that the inability of the project owner to effectively develop the scope of the project had a detrimental impact on the ability of the manager to complete the project within the specified time frame and budget. [...]

[...] Given that project managers are fully aware of the implications of these issues with respect to the development of cost and time estimates it is evident that the construction management team should have addressed these issues when constructing a budget and a time schedule for this particular project. If these issues could not be effectively addressed in the context of the relationship established between the owner and the project manager formidable steps to further focus the project before initiating construction should have been undertaken by the project manager. [...]

[...] While the specific context of the argument presented in Tulacz's research is only one example of the problems that can arise between owners and contractors, it clearly elucidates a critical point for project management: owners and mangers approach these projects from notably different perspectives. Unfortunately, these differences in opinion can have a substantial impact on the project being undertaken. Thus, for professionals who chose to look at construction management from the perspective of the owner, some understanding of the differences between the views of owners and management must be taken into account. [...]

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