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  1. Introduction.
  2. Bakground.
  3. Defining knowledge management.
  4. Methods, tools and contexts.
  5. Web-based knowledge management tools.
    1. Web-based (enabled) information technology tools for knowledge management.
    2. Traditional data base tools.
    3. Enterprise Resource Management tools.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.

The long-term survival of any company is dependent on its ability to generate and exploit innovative ideas, bringing to market those products or services that differentiate it from its rivals. While most companies may dismiss this statement as something of a truism, only a few take proactive measures to ensure that every employee has both the means and the will to help the organisation realise its potential. Knowledge management is crucial for contemporary organizations including technology consultancy firms. Within the extent of the latter, knowledge management is a practice of combining the knowledge capture and sharing in order to follow business strategy. Technology consulting firms use the knowledge to reach two major objective: to transfer best practice of business activities to all levels of the organization and to make a direct connection between an organization's intellectual assets ? both explicit and tacit ? and positive business results.

[...] Though the cre?tion of d?t?b?ses we h?ve enc?psul?ted much knowledge of m?ny dom?ins. Some of the cle?rest ex?mples of knowledge cre?tion ?rise from the ?n?lysis of l?rge ?mounts of d?t? in d?t?b?ses. Giving structure to d?t? is one of the key st?ges to st?tistic?l ?n?lysis. It is no surprise th?t ?t the core of the st?tistic?l ?n?lysis p?ck?ge S?S is ? powerful rel?tion?l d?t?b?se. M?ny will ?rgue th?t, by themselves, these tools do not constitute knowledge m?n?gement tools. They ?re d?t? m?n?gement tools ?nd only become even inform?tion m?n?gement tools through extensive inter?ction with users. [...]

[...] It m?y be ? tool th?t f?cilit?tes the cre?tion, refinement ?nd tr?nsfer of knowledge in this context. In contr?st, when members of the gener?l public sh?re e-m?il it m?y only be the source of rumour (?ppleh?ns, Globe, L?ugero, 2006). ? p?rticul?r tool m?y enforce ? p?rticul?rly restricted ?ppro?ch on the user. This is unlikely to be bec?use there is some inherent inflexibility in the tool itself. It is likely to be the c?se th?t in m?ny contexts the tool is perceived in ? p?rticul?r w?y. [...]

[...] In Knowledge M?n?gement Tools. Rudy L. Ruggles (ed.). Oxford, Butterworth-Heinem?nn Knowledge M?n?gement Tools. Rudy L. Ruggles (ed.). Oxford, Butterworth- Heinem?nn ?becker, ?. Bern?rdi, K. Hinkelm?nn, O. Kühn, ?nd M. Sintek. Tow?rd ? technology for org?niz?tion?l memories. IEEE Intelligent Systems & Their ?pplic?tions, 13(3):40-48, M?y/June ?becker, ?. Bern?rdi, ?nd M. Sintek. Enterprise inform?tion infr?structures for ?ctive, context-sensitive knowledge delivery. In ECIS'99: Proceedings of the 7th Europe?n Conference on Inform?tion Systems, Copenh?gen, [...]

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