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Project initiation document: The map shop

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Identification and analysis.
    1. Introduction.
    2. Identification of stakeholders.
    3. Stakeholder relations.
    4. Identification of issues regarding succession and modernisation.
  3. Solutions and feasibility.
    1. Introduction.
    2. IS solutions.
    3. Implementation of the information system.
    4. Management of the IS project.
    5. HRM solutions.
    6. Identified areas of future research.
    7. Feasibility.
  4. The managerial process.
    1. Time management.
    2. Activity on arrow.
    3. Team development.
    4. Team effectiveness.
    5. Team meetings.
    6. Risks management.
    7. Review of the scope of the project.
  5. Sites.

The project initiation document is prepared as a response to an appeal from Geoffrey Smith, Map Shops, on the issues concerning the Map Shops proposed by Geoffrey and the issues identified by the consultant team, through the examination of the Map Shops. The initial proposal was examining the issues of the Map Shop, with focus on stakeholders, priorities, risks and the production of a project outline plan, with the aim of providing the Map Shops with an initial scope of the project. The project initiation document is prepared with the aim of providing the map shop with identified solutions to the issues and a feasibility study of these. The content of the initial proposal was the planning of the project, resulting in the final preparation of the project initiation document. Two working members of the consultancy team have prepared both the proposal and the project initiation document, over a total period of 13 weeks. This part of the Project Initiation Document is aimed at outlining the issues of importance concerning Map Shop and the environment in which it operates. Firstly, the project team has identified the stakeholders and their importance and relations to Map Shop. We carried a deep analysis of the case and the relation between the stakeholders as well as their requirements in order to provide solutions able to satisfy the customer needs.

[...] The consultancy team's approach to the issues of the Map Shop are evaluated as being feasible to the degree that planning of the implementation of the information system is carried out carefully and that risk management is provided throughout the process of implementation, as the implementation is a project in itself. Structuring the human resources and training them are feasible as information is already within the company. Overview Problem solution Feasibility Software, Database The solution requires resources, but is highly feasible Website The solution also requires resources and external involvement, but is possible Human Resources Training of personal in the knowledge of maps can be done internally. [...]

[...] For the customer, the website will offer the possibility to check the map availability, sales, auctions, dates and prices for the maps, view their characteristics, details, shop news and shop online using a 3D tour. By using Paypal, the customer will be able to purchase online and subscribe to the ?exchange? zone. The exchange zone will be a zone where the collectors and dealers could communicate and exchange their maps. Using the same login area as the administrators, dealers and collectors will access the extranet. [...]

[...] As the team in the early stages experienced problems with the definition of the project, the team went back in the process of defining the project, which resulted in a higher quality of the final project initiation document. Contingency As all of these outlined risks had a possibility of occurring during the project, the team identified project definition, time management, poor role definition and changes in schedule as the most likely to occur. In order to avoid the occurrence of those risks, the team produced a schedule in the initial proposal which was used to monitor the progress. [...]

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