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  1. Executive summary.
    1. Marketing analysis summary.
    2. Management and staffing summary.
    3. Regulatory issues summary.
    4. Summary of financial analysis.
  2. Company summary.
    1. Company ownership.
    2. Company locations and facilities.
  3. Services.
    1. Service description.
    2. Competitive advantages.
  4. Market analysis.
    1. Market opportunities and industry trends.
    2. Market research.
    3. Market segmentation.
    4. Competitive analysis.
  5. Marketing strategy.
    1. Target market.
    2. Promotional strategy.
    3. Pricing strategy.
  6. Management and staffing.
    1. Organizational structure.
    2. Management team.
    3. Labor market issues.
  7. Regulator issues.
  8. Risk analysis.
    1. Market risks.
    2. Other risks.
  9. Financial analysis.
    1. Income statement.
    2. Cash flow statement.
    3. Projected annual cash flow statement.
  10. Appendix.
  11. Bibliography.

Government support through financial incentives and the public's trend toward environmentally friendly products has opened the way for alternative energy based companies to thrive. In the French market, with little direct competition, we believe our company will experience success. Senergy Alternative Energy Consulting plans on balancing trade show exhibitions with low cost promotional techniques such as brochures, law signs and business cards. We will also develop a company website, and become a member of the ADEME association to increase our recognition in our industry and demonstrate our environmental engagement. The legal form of Senergy is a general partnership to which the five partners contribute in equal amounts. Our management team will consist of five partners with different core competencies working on a full time basis. Eventual profits will be shared equally among the partners. Revenues are projected to increase from 29100 to 49856 € (approximately 72 %) in the first year of operation, from 2006 to 2007. From 2007 to 2008, revenues are expected to grow by another 17%. These projections reflect the increasing number of customers having consultations and eventually installing alternative energy systems.
Because of the nature of Senergy Consulting as a consulting business, start-up costs are low. The five owners will make an initial investment of 1500 € each, which will be paid back to them from July to December 2006. An operating loan/line of credit is expected to be obtained in February 2006 to cover any unexpected negative cash flows in the first months of operation.

[...] Table of contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 Marketing Analysis Summary 2 Management and Staffing Summary 2 Regulatory Issues Summary 2 Risk Summary 2 Summary of Financial Analysis 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 COMPANY SUMMARY 6 Company Ownership 6 Company Locations and Facilities 6 SERVICES 7 Service Description 7 Competitive Advantages 7 MARKET ANALYSIS 8 Market Opportunities and Industry Trends 8 Market Research 8 Market Segmentation 9 Competitive Analysis 10 MARKETING STRATEGY 12 Target Market 12 Promotional Strategy 12 Pricing Strategy 15 MANAGEMENT AND STAFFING 16 Organizational Structure 16 Management Team 16 Labor Market Issues 17 REGULATORY ISSUES 18 RISK ANALYSIS 19 Market Risks 19 Other Risks 19 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS 20 Income Statement 20 Cash Flow Statement 20 Projected Annual Cash Flow Statement 24 APPENDIX A 25 Wind and Energy 25 Solar Energy 27 APPENDIX B 29 Survey 29 Survey Results Table Format 30 Survey Results Graph Format 33 APPENDIX C 35 NOTE 1 : Revenue Assumptions 35 NOTE 2 : Sales and Marketing assumptions 36 NOTE 3 : Property and Utilities assumptions 37 NOTE 4 : Operations assumptions 38 NOTE 5 : Banking and other assumptions 39 NOTE 6 : Other Sources of Funding 40 NOTE 7 : Other Uses of Funding 41 BIBLIOGRAPHY 42 Company summary Senergy is a company designed to meet the needs people and public administrations who desire alternative energy sources and to promote their use. [...]

[...] Financial analysis Income Statement Senergy Consulting PRO FORMA INCOME STATEMENT for the period ending December EXPENSES : Revenues are projected to increase from 29100 to 49856 (approximately 72 in the first year of operation, from 2006 to 2007. From 2007 to 2008, revenues are expected to grow by another 17%. Cash Flow Statement The owners will make an initial investment of 7500 from each of the 5 owners). Thanks to this investment we are going to pay the car (estimated price: 4500 so that the amount left from it is 3000 These 3000 will be paid back to the owners from July 2006 to December 2006 and they will be split into monthly payments. [...]

[...] Indeed, it will be the first time we meet owners and advertise about our new company. This is going to be reinforced thanks to the ?Foire de Paris? taking place in May. In Lyon in people came for their business and 1900 people came with ideas for themselves. In the average of the French are Home owners, thus we can assume that 62% of the 1900 people attending the Salon in Lyon are home owners. According to a survey of home owners are interested in renewable energies and among them are ready to pay in order to change their current energy system. [...]

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