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Service operations management

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  1. Description of the service operation and its service concept.
  2. Methodology.
  3. Critical evaluation relating to the capacity management of the operation.
    1. An apparent efficient capacity management.
    2. Chasing the out-of-stock.
    3. Ishikawa diagram: Cause and effect diagram.
    4. Stratification.
  4. Recommendations for improvements and discussion of their limitations.
    1. Recommendations.
    2. Limitations.
  5. Critique of the tools/techniques used.
  6. Appendices: Data analysis, tables, diagrams, references.
  7. Bibliography.

The service concept which will be analysed throughout this report concerns the after-sales service of the branch Alcatel's Enterprise Solution Division. This branch of the French company Alcatel provides worldwide companies with solutions of telecommunication that include phones and systems. Therefore this service is exclusively business-to-business. This service concept consists of ensuring the best after-sales service for unsatisfied customers who may have encountered some difficulties with the product. The service concept of Alacatel's Enterprise Solution Division also stresses the importance on the responsiveness and the quality of the advice given to the customer. These two objectives are enshrined in the customer satisfaction charter and quality policy. The after-sales service can deal either with a defect on the phone or a default system. Thus the hardware support has first to identify the main problem and then find the most appropriate solution.

[...] In fact a quick delivery of the item can be seen as a valuable service but what if it concerns the wrong reference? Consequently it would have been useful to collect qualitative data to ensure that the service operation has been delivered in the proper way. Thereby we could have confirmed whether or not if the reactiveness matches with the quality of service given. Besides a strong after-sales service reveals to be the best feedback for the company and helping to make it more efficient contributes to a better fulfilment of customer needs. [...]

[...] In fact, a better transmission and coordination induce extra operational cost for the new software and the training alike. Furthermore better communication needs time before it can be actually observed due to a potential resistance to the changes such as overtime working during week-ends. Critique of the tools / techniques used As mentioned formerly at the beginning we could question the meaning of capacity management and thereby the use of only statistical data. Does a better capacity resources control generate a better customer satisfaction level? By this we refer to the quality of advice given to the customer. [...]

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