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Starting a Flower Shop : A business Strategy

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  1. Essentials to planning
    1. When to plan
    2. What to plan
    3. Implement the plan
  2. Location
    1. Determine your market
    2. Evaluate the location
    3. Don't over commit
  3. Advice from the expert and working from home
    1. The main goal
    2. Space considerations
  4. Advice from the expert and shop owners
  5. Advice from the expert and deciding not to buy
  6. Budgets
  7. Wholesale agreements
  8. Markups
  9. Establishing your marke.
  10. Using the internet
  11. Using a wire service
  12. Employee management
  13. Bibliography

Opening any type of business is a challenging and monumental task that requires dedication and perseverance. Starting a flower shop brings its own unique set of challenges to the fore. No matter what type of business you are opening, careful planning is essential to your success.

When to Plan
Planning starts at the beginning, before you take the first steps to opening your business. If you do not create detailed plans to address at least the major areas of concern when opening a business, you may be destined to fail.

What to Plan
Opening a flower shop involves securing financing, choosing a location, determining what products and services you are going to offer, how your product will be delivered to the public, how you will advertise the business and much more.

[...] Part 2 Location, Location, Location Opening a flower shop in any metropolitan area requires that you select a location that will maximize your potential while not jeopardizing your safety. If you have done your research, you know that there may be any where from 30 to several hundred flower shops in your area. Where should you locate your shop to insure good business and safety? Determine your market This is just one example of the questions you should ask yourself when determining location. [...]

[...] Running a flower shop can be very trying but it is also very rewarding. In order to maintain whatever level of business you currently have, you need to consistently solicit new business. With new shops and flower vendors opening up every week, it's up to you to plan for the future and your future is in your customers. Part 5 Advice from the expert Deciding not to buy After fifteen years in one of the most rewarding industries in the world, Jeff Guthrie had reached an impasse. [...]

[...] If you find that a certain employee has problems getting to work on time, change their schedule so they can make it in on time. Running a flower shop with only one or two employees takes on the roll of a partnership with your employees. So, if you are coming from a more structured management environment, get ready for some changes. When you only have one or two employees, you must be able to depend completely on the people you hire to run your shop in case you have to leave. So, take the time to thoroughly interview the people who are interested [...]

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