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Strategy and transformation portfolio - Corporate Social Responsibility

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  1. The Chamberlain's theory of Strategy 4
  2. Case study The Body Shop
  3. Case Study Nestle

Over the years, organisations have continually engaged in activities that aim at improving their position and competitiveness in the market. They have been taking more considerations towards the wellbeing of the community as well as trying to improve their business models. This paper entails a study on strategic Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In this regard, organizations have the obligation of considering their customers' interests as well as the interest of other stakeholders including shareholders, communities, and employees among others. For a better illustration of this aspect, the Chamberlain's Theory of Strategy is discussed.

[...] The second type of influence, on the other hand, entails the social approach, which in this case considered some of the key aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (Mintzberg, 1990). In this regard, an organization has to use this social approach as an influence technique by considering a combination of various forces such economic and psychological forces regarding its stakeholders (Chamberlain, 2010). The strategic theory is typically applicable in all organization strategies, which implies that it is applicable in CSR. The theory has been widely applied in various organizations despite their nature and sizes. [...]

[...] The formation of the theory in 2010 has therefore not allowed adequate time to proof its applicability (Mintzberg, 1990). However, in all the organization where the theory has been applied, desirable results have been achieved. Although a large number of organization are required to enhance its validation, it can be ascertained that the Chamberlain's theory would definitely work effectively in strategic CSR. For any organization to have effective strategic CSR, the management needs to have a team of strategist managers. [...]

[...] She worked very hard towards her dream until she saw the foundation of the Body Shop environment. Her basic idea was born out of observation and past experience. She knew how to actualize her concepts and views towards the society. From her motive to create better skin products was generated from what seemed to be impossible at home, but her motivation was based on what she had seen from elsewhere around the world (The Body Shop, 2013). She only need to work hard and convince the society that the products she had created where for their own good. [...]

[...] Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility however had to be ensured in whatever business they had to invest. Thus had to do a lot of research to determine such problems, their solutions, and the way forward to generating a solution while making profits, but without adverse effect to the society (The Body Shop, 2013). Through the application of strategic CSR, the founder of Body Shop made significant consideration and involvement of her customers and other stakeholders. Through her travelling experiences, she had gained a significant wealth of experience. [...]

[...] 51?75. Beck-Dudley, C. L. H. a. C. L Marketing Strategies and the Search for Virtue. A Case Analysis of The Body Shop International, pp. 249-263. Bhattacharya, C.B., Sen, S. & Korschun, D. [...]

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