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The advantages of fidelity programme for an airline company

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  1. Executive summary
    1. Brief of the company 'Flyrelax'
    2. Comparaison between differents airlines's loyalty club
  2. Benefits of the airline to launch an executive club
    1. Target
    2. Positioning
    3. E-commerce
  3. Possible disadvantages/risks for Flyrelax to launch such a scheme
  4. Gain for the company and the customers
    1. For the organisation
    2. For the customer
  5. Advice to the marketing manager
  6. Recommendations to improve the scheme
    1. Opinion
    2. Objectives over the 5 years
    3. Measurement

Customer loyalty as defined by Brown is the result of an oganization creating a benefit for a customer so that they will maintain or increase their purchases from the organization. True customer loyalty is created when the customer becomes an advocate for the organization, without any incentive. Most of the top companies have a loyalty club and propose various offers (cards) to their customers according to their level of loyalty. They have practically the same advantages, however the customer's satisfaction will depend on the service quality. On the contrary, the smaller companies do not practise a customer loyalty program.

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