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The current brand situation: EDF

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  1. The current brand situation.
    1. Strategic behavior of the group.
    2. Improvement of the marketing policy.
    3. Positioning of the activities by country.
    4. Competing situation of EDF in Europe.
    5. Porter Matrix.
  2. The Importance of brand management in value Creation.
    1. The first step: Ensure identification of the brand within the customers minds.
    2. The second step: Establish the brand meaning in the minds of customers.
    3. The third step: Update the proper customer responses to this brand identification and brand meaning.
    4. The fourth step: Convert brand response to create an intense, active, loyalty relationship between customers and the brand.
    5. The role of the communications mix and the media plan.
  3. The brand value chain.
  4. Brand tracking survey.
  5. Budget breakdown.
  6. Bibliography.

There are great modifications in the organization of the electric sector in Europe. It is agreed that the sector management must change and must adapt to the requirements of the European Unique Market, and that consequently the invisible power of the private market must replace the visible power of the European governments. The objective is obviously an improvement of the service for the final customer - consumers and producers - and thus of a greater economic effectiveness of the European productions. The European dynamism pushes towards a total opening of the markets. The ultimate objective of the Member States, determined during the European Council of Lisbon, aims to the development of a full market opening. EDF's creation is linked to the ambitious program of hydraulic equipment launched a few years before the World War 2 by the Minister of Civil Engineering's (Ministre des Travaux Publics), confirmed in a difficult time by the organization of Vichy (Comité d'Organisation de Vichy) and reaffirmed in a more ambitious perspective in March, 1946 by the ?Plan Monnet?.

[...] Attitudes : People satisfies with EDF services Attachment : none, depends on the price competitors Activity : in everyday life Shareholder Value Stock Price : 46,80 euros, in one year (source : Overall market : EDF stocks are advised by stock advisors Market Performance Price : Price regulated by governmental offices Market Share : monopoly in France, but challenger for the rest of Europe behind historical companies (i.e. Endesa in Spain) Brand extension : Brand extend generally to energy products (gas ) Cost structure : Possibility to reduce marketing program in France Brand profitability : huge in France, not for the rest Marketing Program Investment Product : Renewable energy (with wind power) Communications : advertising via billboards and internet via EDF website Program Quality Clarityhî.{h&Kr5?>* CJOJ[?]QJ[?]^J[?]aJmH sH (hî.{hî.{CJ$OJ[?]QJ[?]^J[?]aJ$mH sH .hî.{h&Kr5?CJ0OJ[?]QJ[?]?^J[?]aJ0mH sH .hî.{hî.{5?CJ0OJ[?]QJ[?]?^J[?]aJ0mH [...]

[...] Thus, it makes sense to first ask customers what brands come to mind in certain situations, to next ask for recall of brands, and to then finish with tests of brand recognition. Here are numerous questions we would ask to customers: BRAND AWARENESS AND USAGE: a. What brands of energy products are you aware of? b. Which brands of energy products would you consider using? c. Have you heard of EDF? d. Have you used an EDF product? e. When I say EDF, what are the first associations that come to your mind? [...]

[...] In this phase, EDF must emphasize the brand, position itself upstream vis-à-vis of the competitors, obtain a dominant share in the European market, improve the customers fidelity service, consolidate the relations with the customers, improve the quality and modernize the product. Market share: EDF has the monopoly in France with a market share of 85% (Source: 2005 EDF Annual Report) Source: 2005 EDF Annual Report In European countries, EDF holds generally minority positions in companies, representing themselves not more than 10 to 12% of their national market. [...]

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