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The Delignes case study

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  1. Building a ' tableau de bord'.
    1. The way to build a 'tableau de bord'.
    2. Agency director.
    3. Head of sales.
    4. Technical director.
  2. Managing individuals by using tableau de bord.
    1. More than a control tool.
    2. How to manage through it.

Delignes, a major telephonic equipment installation company, operates in a telephonic sector which has gone through enormous changes. Delignes has 40 agencies dealing with companies. Delignes acts as a distributor and installer. The agencies are managed by the Agency Director, who is supported by Heads of Sales and Technical Director.

Its products range from telephone handsets to switchboards and Automatic Call distributors. The company needs to carefully lead its activities in order not to burden the accounts.

However, in an ever changing environment, driving without ?tableau de bord' becomes more risky.

A ?tableau de bord' is a management system (not only a measurement system) that enables organizations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate them into action. It would be suitable for Delignes to implement such a tool to pilot its business.

We will see how to make right decisions based on relevant information. According to Delignes' activity, we will first build three adapted ?tableau de bord', for the Agency Director, the Head of Sales and the Technical Director. Then it will be necessary to explain the role of this new tool and the way to introduce it in the Delignes management system

[...] Then, the question is: if Delignes agencies have X contracts which are almost over, how many will be renewed? This indicator should tend to 100%. - Controlling the product mix: o Number of maintenance contracts / Number of installations realized We will come back to this objective later in the next section. MAXIMIZE THE CONTRIBUTION: Before finding indicators related to the action variables defined earlier, there are two indicators of results: o The agency's contribution in Euros o The agency's contribution rate: agency contribution/Agency revenue In the same way, we have defined indicators in relation with the action variables: - Working within estimates/schedules: o Difference between predicted amounts on the projects and amounts spent on the projects o Number of working days on projects / Number of working days estimated When an estimate is accepted by a client, it becomes a contract for the agency. [...]

[...] Finally, the ?tableau de bord' enhances team spirit within the company around common objectives, but Delignes will have to be careful with the introduction and management of its ?tableau de bord'. Indeed, the top management will have to present the ?tableau de bord' as a management tool and not as a control tool. Then, they will have to set up an information system to facilitate the gathering of data and the filling of the ?tableau de bord' without any pressure. [...]

[...] In order to evaluate those action variables, we have chosen ?easy-reading' indicators: rate of overrun projects, medium rate of number of training days per person among the technical staff, number of customer complaints, and reaction time in case of failure (in hours). The second objective, working within estimates and schedules, demands the control of two action variables: the ability to calculate realistic estimates and the control of days spent on site. The sales representative in charge of the project and the technical director are both involved in the elaboration of the estimate which must correspond to customer needs and incorporate the most accurate prevision of the time limit required for the different steps (development, installation, testing, supervising and monitoring the project). [...]

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