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The development and implementation of a project office function to support a multi-release program within the project management office at Abbott Laboratories

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  1. Project Part 1
  2. Company Background
  3. Organizing the Project Office
  4. Functions of the Project Office
  5. Collection of Data and Metrics
    1. Assessing customer need
    2. Translating customer needs
    3. Interrelationship matrix
    4. Analysis of projects
    5. Competitor analysis
  6. Collecting the Data
  7. Communication of Program Status
  8. Project Part 2
  9. Leadership Styles/Expectations
  10. Decision-Making
  11. Conflict Resolution
  12. Change Management

Researchers examining the development of project office function note that early efforts to support these constructs have failed. Despite this failure however, the recent streamlining of information technology in the organization has created a situation in which organizations are now looking to project office function as a central means for collecting and analyzing data in the organization (Vandersluis, 1998). With the realization that project office function has become so prominent in the organization, this brief investigation considers the development and implementation of a project office function to support a multi-release program within the project management office at Abbott Laboratories. Through a careful consideration of the current status of the project management in the organization and a consideration of the current methods being used for the development of project office function a comprehensive plan for project office function will be outlined.
Company Background
Abbott Laboratories is a global corporation that is dedicated to providing healthcare advancements and supplies to the international community. According to the organization's website, ?Our products span the continuum of care, from nutritional products and laboratory diagnostics through medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies? (About Abbot, 2006). The organization currently has operations in 130 countries worldwide. In total the organization employs more than 65,000 employees. The specific areas of concentration for the organization include medial products, such as vascular care, diabetes care and nutrition; pharmaceutical products such as Depakote, Synthroid and Omnicef; and community social initatives

[...] In addition, the project management office will need to acquire data from each department with respect to the specifics of a proposed project. Similar initiatives undertaken by the department along with financial data on past and proposed projects will need to be collected and aggregated. Further, the organization will have to acquire external data on competitors and an overall review of current market conditions in a particular industry. All of this data will need to be aggregated such that the project office is able to effectively provide a comprehensive overview of a proposed project. [...]

[...] By keeping the lines of communication open during a time of change, project managers will be able to effectively reduce the negative impact of change on team members. While change is inevitable, the impact of change on the project management team can be positive overall. References About Abbot. (2006). Abbot Laboratories. Accessed August at: _Content_00004.htm. Annual report. (2005). Abbot Laboratories. Accessed August at: nts.html. Jones, S.H. (2006). Better project management performance with Six Sigma. Six Sigma. Accessed August at: [...]

[...] With a basic overview of how Six Sigma impacts project management and development in the organization elucidated, it is now possible to consider how the project office in the organization would be established. In terms of the broad organizational structure, it seems reasonable to argue that the project office should be directly linked to both top management and the individual departments in the organization?i.e. medical products, pharmaceutical products and community social projects. By linking these two areas together, information in the organization will be able to flow from the top, down and from the bottom, up. [...]

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