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The different approaches to develop strategy. Is there evidence in today’s business world to suggest there is one best way?

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  1. Introduction.
  2. The two main perspectives from which strategy can be defined.
  3. Examination and comparison the different approaches to develop strategy.
  4. The different names of approaches.
    1. The perspective approach.
  5. The two principal approaches.
    1. Deliberate strategy.
    2. The emergent strategy.
  6. Comparison of the deliberate strategy and the emergent strategy.
  7. The Google example.
  8. Conclusion.
  9. Reference list.
  10. Bibliography.

For a couple of years, the concept of strategy has become fundamental for any type of business. According to Ansoff (1965), the practice of strategic planning is now widespread among large, medium and small firms. The strategy comes from the Greek word ?stractos? which means "armed" and ?agein? which means ?lead?. It's the art of coordinating action and the development of a policy, defined in terms of its strengths and weaknesses, taking into account the threats and opportunities. According to A.D Chandler; a strategy is to determine the objectives and the long-term fundamentals goals of an organization. In a second step, it helps in choosing the purpose, the resources and the means to achieve these goals and objectives (Chandler 1962). Strategy helps all managers take fundamental decisions about the future of a business.

[...] There isn't a clear distinction between the strategy development and implementation phases, according to Lynch (2003) ?they are closely linked one responding to the result obtained by the other? p17. Managers make experiments, tests. He writes ?There is no final, agreed strategy but rather a series of experimental approaches that are considered by those involved and then developed further. Strategy emerges during a process of crafting and testing? p19. On the one hand the deliberate strategy provides a complete overview of the organisation, what makes it possible to make an evaluation of organization resources in the, environment. [...]

[...] In taking decisions along company's life, the strategy is auto-determined by the management actions Therefore, it exists only two approaches to develop strategy. The first is the prescriptive strategy which opposes the second the emergent strategy. According to several authors, these approaches have different names. Indeed, Ansoff (1965) founding Dean of the Graduate School of Management uses the name of prescriptive and descriptive approaches. As Ansoff, Mintzberg professor of Management and theorist deemed deals with the prescriptive and descriptive approaches. [...]

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