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The impact of the lack of oil on the activity of the Promens company

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  1. The lack of oil, a key intelligence topic.
  2. Presentation of the Promens company.
    1. Promens' activity.
    2. Promens' products.
    3. Promens' technologies.
    4. Promens' mission and values.
  3. Critical needs in intelligence.
    1. Study of the environment.
    2. Study of the plastics packaging industry.
    3. Study of Promens resources.
  4. Sources of information.
  5. Acknowledgement and recommendations.
  6. Conclusion.
  7. Bibliography.

As far as energy is concerned, natural and in particular petroleum resources are running out and this would be one of the biggest issues world companies will have to deal with. Indeed, the world business and economy are run by oil: companies are very demanding with energy not only for the functioning of machines and transport, but also for the made of products from the raw material. In an immediate future, companies will have to face with this alarming issue and no one will be able to ignore this problem. In order to avoid the paralysis of their activity, they will have to anticipate, find new solutions and make the best decisions fast: dynamism, reactivity and innovation will be the key words of this challenge. This problem would concern as well industrialists which core activity is directly linked to oil (for example, plastic manufacturers or big oil companies such as Total Fina Elf), as firms indirectly dependent on oil (use of products made from the transformation of the raw material). In that precise case, this issue will affect many sectors, such as the car industry, the apparel industry, the packaging industry, the building trade, the electric and electronics industry, the aviation and space industry, medicine and surgery.

[...] Finally, we will focus on Promens and identify the point(s) we should study in depth, here its resources. This method in funnel enables us to have a complete and broad vision about the issue Study of the environment - World oil consumption? - State of the petroleum resources? - In how many years, petroleum resources would be exhausted? - Different uses of oil (use of the raw material and transformation)? - The impact of the lack of oil on industries? - The impact of the lack of oil on global economy? [...]

[...] Researchers, technicians, engineers appear to be the fuel of the Research and Development department and the quality of the recruitment will for sure have an impact on the advance of progress, the quality of the innovation and will indirectly assure the competitive position of the company. Recommendation 6. Increase the internal communication If each activity in the chain adds value to the product or service, the competitive advantage results as much from connections between the activities, as activities themselves. As a result, the implication of each department of the company, a cross communication and a close collaboration between them, are important points to take in consideration. [...]

[...] This study can be very useful if the company wants to use a resource- based strategy, that is to say adapting its resources, in order to be able to deal with any situation, as well predictable scenarios (in our precise case, the lack of oil in about 50 years), as unpredictable scenarios that are underestimated. Sources of information In order to provide answers to the previous questions, we relied as well on primary sources as secondary sources of information. This approach enabled us to have a precise and realistic vision of the situation Primary sources We made two interviews of employees of the Promens Company: ( Interview the responsible of the research of raw materials, from the Research and Development department of the Promens Company. [...]

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