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Why an information system or an information technology project could fail in an organization?

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  1. The major areas of information systems needed by business professionals
    1. Foundation concepts
    2. Information technologies
    3. Business applications
    4. Development processes
    5. Management challenges
  2. The fundamental roles of IS in business
    1. Support of its business processes and operations
    2. Support of decision making by its employees and managers
    3. Support of its strategies for competitive advantage
  3. Types of information systems
    1. Operations support systems
    2. Management support systems
    3. Other classifications of information systems
  4. Why an information system or an information technology project does could fail in an organization
    1. TimeMoney
    2. Bugs
    3. Hacking

While the terms Information System and Information Technology are sometimes used interchangeably, they are two distinct concepts. The information system is an organized combination of several entities which stores, retrieves, transforms and disseminates information in an organization like a company. These entities could be people, software, data resources, procedures, hardware or communication network. MSN messenger or AIM are softwares which allow people to communicate with other people live. For example, I am currently in New York and this kind of information system allows me to communicate with my family and my friends who live in France. Information system has been used since the dawn of the civilization, that is why we don't necessarily associate it with computers. Indeed, during the middle ages, they used birds like homing pigeons in order to send messages. It was a system of information. A simple road sign is an information system. Smoke signs are part of the information system and will be more used in bars and restaurants in Europe in order to inform people not to smoke in public places.

[...] Bugs Having an efficient information system is the best way to succeed in our business and to have a competitive advantage. However, a bug could interrupt your activity any time. For example, Auchan, one of the most important hypermarkets in France proposes to its customers the WAOUH card. To make this card, you have to go to the reception and fill in a questionnaire with your name, your surname, your birthday, your address, your hobbies and your e-mail and that for all your family. [...]

[...] Consequently, big companies have the competitive advantage because they have enough money to invest in the new technology and increase the quickness and the efficiency of the information with their customers, their retailers in other words, with the internal and external actors of the company. It is very expensive because of the labour costs and the cost of the maintenance. Indeed, if you choose to use information systems, you have to hire informatics' engineers in order to be reactive. As I said previously, anything that is in short supply is expensive. [...]

[...] For instance, knowledge workers in a project team may use electronic mail to send and receive electronic messages, and use videoconferencing to hold electronic meeting to coordinate their activities Management support systems: When information system applications focus on providing information and support for effective decision making by managers, they are called Management Support Systems. Providing information and support for decision making by all types of managers and business professionals is complex tasks. Conceptually, several major types of information systems support a variety of decision making responsibilities: management information systems, decision support systems and executive information systems. [...]

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