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Wood delivery in forests

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Harvesting and extraction.
  3. Terrain classi?cation.
  4. Transportation.
    1. Roads and road transport regulations.
    2. Environmental and ancillary considerations in transportation.
  5. Machine telemetrics and on-board electronics.
    1. On-board weighing scales.
    2. Routing of extraction and transport operations.
  6. Site hazards and safety issues in wood delivery.
  7. Monitoring of performance of wood delivery systems.
    1. In-process assessments.
    2. Post-process assessments.
  8. Conclusion.

The efforts outlined above are aimed at the optimization of forest production on a sustainable basis. The rationalization of forest harvesting techniques and improvement of wood supply logistics can be implemented relatively quickly (i.e., over a short time span), hence wood delivery is a crucial issue in optimization of the entire wood supply chain. Wood delivery in the context of this article refers to the chain of operations related to the extraction and transport of different categories of timber and by-products of forest harvesting, including wood chips and forest residue materials that are used for energy.

[...] Harvesting and Extraction Harvesting systems are of primary importance in wood delivery for the following reasons: 1. Harvesting methods determine the mode of subsequent wood delivery systems used There is increasing emphasis on the use of combined harvesting and extraction systems to minimize soil disturbance and damage, e.g., the use of combined harvesting and extraction machine 3. Methods that are aimed at improving the cost- effectiveness of the wood supply chain, e.g., the delivery of forest residue (energy bundles) and wood chips are currently being redesigned to utilize the standard transportation vehicles used for wood delivery. [...]

[...] The current operational practices aimed at enhancing the service ability and minimizing the overall maintenance cost of wood delivery route networks include the improvement of design standards for new roads and upgrading of weaker links in the delivery route networks; use of road-friendly truck axle con?gurations and suspension systems (e.g., air suspension), and the use of trucks with central tire in?ation (CTI) systems which adjust tire pressures to suit actual environmental conditions. Machine Telemetrics and On-Board Electronics Machine telemetrics refer to on-board electronic systems that are used for machine and harvesting process control, including measurement and optimization of stem cutting, communication equipment (voice and data), and navigation and route optimization functions. [...]

[...] Site Hazards and Safety Issues in Wood Delivery Hazards attached to wood delivery operations include: * overhead power cables e.g., involved in the use of loading cranes mounted on high truck platforms * poor site conditions and visibility * operations in close proximity to tree felling areas or cable extraction corridors * poor road and landing areas. Such hazards require special considerations with regard to safety. For example, machine or vehicle operators should have appropriate protective out?ts for tasks in loading/unloading, stacking, and securing of loads on trucks. [...]

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