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A comparative study of services and prices between public and private sector broadband providers

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  1. Project development stages
    1. System investigation / recognition of needs
    2. Impetus for system changes
    3. Feasibility study
    4. System design considerations
    5. Software development
  2. System analysis
  3. Requirement analysis and specification
  4. Data flow diagram
  5. DFD symbols
  6. System design
  7. Design objectives
  8. Design principles
  9. Top-down and bottom-up strategies
  10. Modularity
  11. Abstraction
  12. Flow charts
    1. Flowchart symbols
    2. Levels of flowcharts
    3. Form/screen design
    4. Output design
    5. Forms design
  13. System development
  14. Testing and implementation
    1. Implementation
    2. Post implementation maintenance
  15. Bibliography

The advent of the Internet has set in motion a fundamental shift in the way business is done these days. The global business is shifting dramatically from a self-centered approach to more and more outward customer oriented approach and Internet is the one basic reason behind this shift. The speed and cost have come down drastically all these years with advent of new technologies.

The Internet is certainly a major phenomenon in India today. Everywhere one looks, the signs of its arrival and adoption are visible. But the affecting part is that if we look at the Internet penetration in a country with the population of over 1 billion is minuscule.

The mass consumer of India has not been contributing much to the penetration of Internet. The reason generally put across by the service providers is that the mass market (that contributes approx. 95% of the India population) of India is not friendly with the internet, but the main cause of the mass consumer being not using the internet is that not much of the application suitable for the mass have been devised. Companies like ITC have conceptualized the ideas like e-chaupals pertinent to the mass users and these have been really successful projects. There are plenty of areas of interest for the mass market that can be building up and made use by the service providers.

[...] The spread of the networks of private service providers have to play an important role in bringing the fibre to homes as well as the rural areas and they are expected to focus on it. With the increase in commercial availability of fibre technologies, the cost of fibre rollout is approaching the cost of other wired networks. Spread of optical fibre networks shall be emphasized keeping in view the long-term perspective. Digital Subscriber Lines(DSL) on copper loop : DSL has proved to be an important technology for provisioning of Broadband services through the copper loop. [...]

[...] Airtel/ Sify/Tata BSNL/MTNL 1. Charges High Tariff Charges Economical Mbps Mbps 2. Objective Commercial National and social 3. Aimed at Profit earning Not profit alone 4. Speed Connectivity Must Flexible 5. Security Necessary Less important 6. Services High Reasonable 7. Attitude Rigid and strict Flexible and liberal Note: 1.Private Sector Broad band providers has High tariff charges but Their Value added Services as well as rate of data transfer is much better in comparison to the Public Sector As Airtel [...]

[...] Cable In a similar way, cable players who already have the reach and provide cable TV services to millions of subscribers have the potential to convert their existing subscribers to broadband Internet access subscribers. Successful players in this space include In2Cable and Hathway Cable Internet. In2Cable has close to 30,000 users registered for cable Internet. In addition to providing services like broadband Internet access, cable players are also looking at providing value-added services to differentiate themselves from the competition. Says T M Sridharan, CEO, In2Cable India, help our customers see value in our service offerings, we have a CRM system wherein a customer can see his usage, his bills and all other required information. [...]

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