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A descriptive study of international business potentials: From China to Asia pacific rim countries and vice versa ( Data and graphs included )

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  1. Abstract.
  2. Introduction.
  3. Problem statement.
  4. Purpose of the study.
  5. Importance of the study.
  6. Scope of the study.
  7. Rationale of the study.
  8. Definition of terms.
  9. Overview of the study.
  10. Review of related literature.
  11. Methodology.
  12. Data analysis.
  13. Summary, Conclusions.

The present study is an exploration of the international business potential of China with other countries in the Asia Pacific Rim and vice versa. Moreover, the study employed a descriptive design in order to thoroughly explain all factors that account for economic conditions of the country.
The facts presented in this research states that China is one of the widely growing economies in the world as manifested by its increasing GDP rates throughout the years. Nevertheless, the country did not reach this status without difficulty for it has been under a lot of political and economic challenges throughout its long history. Up to this time, China still experiences certain difficulties especially in terms of unequal distribution of wealth and income.

[...] The design is advantageous in explaining international business potentials of China with the countries of the Asia Pacific Rim and vice-versa. Moreover, by employing quantitative analysis, the trends especially with regard to GDP rates, PPPs and other significant economic figures are examined with ease but with accuracy. This is important because the investor has to see how far the economy is performing not just domestically but also internationally. Another advantage of this kind of design is that the investor can see right away the importance of facts, without having to analyze complex correlation between different variables. [...]

[...] Rationale of the Study Due to the fact that China has shocked the world with its economic progress through years, the investor considers venturing on a business in China and in its neighboring countries in the Asia Pacific, as what many international companies already did. However, because this is a huge investment in question, the investor cannot afford to take chances by impulsively establishing a business without scientific grounds especially that the global market can be unpredictable. In response to this concern, the researcher conducts this study in order to focus attention on the business environment of China through gathering relevant facts, some of which are already presented previously. [...]

[...] As in the case of the present study, the investor is a Chinese migrant planning international business ventures in the neighboring countries of the Asia Pacific Rim that includes Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Korea. The study is crucial for coming up with a business plan that will be profitable yet less risky. Aside from that, the study also probes on the present economic situation of the native country that, in turn, may be useful for other foreign investors. In most cases, it is a wise idea to enter the borders of another land for the fulfillment of business endeavors. [...]

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