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A look at the company Delphi

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  1. General introduction
  2. Company profile
    1. Delphi corporation
    2. Delphi Saginaw Steering Systems
    3. Delphi Packard Electric Systems
    4. Delphi Energy and Engine Management Systems
    5. Delphi Chassis Systems
  3. Delphi's global presence
    1. Regional division of Delphi
    2. Delphi's focus on global 'drivers'
    3. Global manufacturing footprints
  4. Environment
    1. Internal environmental audit program
    2. Eco efficient processes
    3. Recycling activities
    4. Beneficial products
    5. Environmental awards and voluntary efforts
  5. Safety
    1. Workplace safety
    2. Vehicle safety
  6. Product profile
    1. Drive shafts or half shafts
    2. Steering columns
    3. Power steering pumps
    4. Integral steering gears
    5. Rack and pinion steering gears
  7. SWOT analysis
    1. Strengths
    2. Weakness
    3. Opportunities
    4. Threats
  8. Functional departments
  9. Human resource department
    1. Objectives
    2. Functions
  10. Sales department
    1. Customer products
    2. Aftermarket depatment
  11. Finance department
    1. Accounts payable
    2. Accounts receivable
    3. Capital management
    4. General ledger
  12. New projects and ventures department
    1. The process
  13. Quality assurance
  14. Purchase and supplier development department
    1. Objectives
    2. Purchase of material
    3. Manufacturing and plant engineering and production control and logistics department
  15. Product engineering department
    1. Functions
    2. The process of product plan to start production
  16. Manufacturing engineering and metallurgy department
    1. Objectives
    2. Manufacturing engineering
    3. Functions
    4. Metallurgy
  17. Maintenance and control engineering department
    1. Functions
  18. Operations department
  19. Production control and logistics department
  20. Suggestions and recommendations

Peter Drucker called the Automobile Industry as "the industry of industries". During the last few years, the production and management systems have been revolutionized in the automobile industry. One of the major changes in the industry has been the opening up and growth of several emerging markets.

Delphi, based in Troy, Michigan, U S A, is the world's largest and diversified supplier of automotive component, system and modules. Delphi earlier known as Automotive Component Worldwide (ACG Worldwide) was established in 1994 as a separate business sector within General Motors. Its operations were restructured and unified into a single identity called Delphi Automotive Systems in February 1995. It was followed by periodic internal consideration of the potential benefits to Delphi, General Motors and their employees, which could flow from Delphi's full separation from General Motors.

On August, 1998, the General Motors, Board of Directors approved in principle, proceeding with transactions that would result in Delphi becoming a fully independent publicly traded company during 1999.

[...] Delphi Delco Electronics Systems ABS Electronics Airbag Electronics Antenna Systems Body and Security Electronics Systems Communication Systems Delco, Delco Electronics and Monsoon Audio Systems and Components Engine Management Systems Electronic and Software Eyecue Head-Up Display Systems Forewarn Collision Avoidance Systems Instrumentation and Display Electronics Integrated Circuits Mechanical Electromechanical and Electronic, HVAC Components Sensor and Power Modules Steering and Suspension Electronics These divisions are unified into a single identity - Delphi -which offers integrated solutions to the automotive industry. Delphi Corporation has its branches all over the world with the Headquarters situated in Troy, Michigan, U S A. [...]

[...] For the transportation of the workforce the company has entered into contract with the travel agencies who do the pick up and drop when they are required and this service has to round the clock Sales Department The Sales Department is headed by a sales manager and four Deputy-Managers taking care of the sales of Delphi's products to the customers and to the aftermarket. The major part of the products goes to the main customers and some parts to the after market. [...]

[...] Skilled employees & workers Earned a profit of 9 billion US Dollar $ An ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company Weakness Hindered growth during the last couple of years Too much of diversity in products leads to less concentration Smaller share of market in some products Too much diversification Discontinuing with General Motors Low labor force Opportunities Strengthening the existing communication Use or develop the most sophisticated technology Expansion project for the existing plant Electronic business of car audio and VCD/DVD systems Threats The threats are really the same across the board for the automobile industry. [...]

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