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A study of the various departments in a hotel and the cooperation needed to run the hotel smoothly

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  1. Introduction
  2. Operational departments
  3. Front office
    1. Reservation section
    2. Source of reservation
    3. Discount
    4. Reception
    5. Dutes and responsibilites
    6. Front office manager
    7. Assistant front office manager
    8. Lobby manager
    9. Night auditor
    10. Telephone and telex supervisor
    11. Guest relation executive
    12. Coordination
  4. Rooming procedures
  5. House keeping
    1. Duties and responsibility of housekeeping staff
    2. Thefts
    3. Death
    4. Accidents
    5. Vvandalism
    6. Damage to property by resident guest
    7. Drunken guest
    8. Assistant housekeeper
    9. Ten rules for leadership quality in housekeeping
  6. Floor supervisor
  7. Deputy housekeeper
  8. Iimportance of housekeeping
  9. Security department
  10. Laundary
  11. Purchase department
  12. Telephone exchange
  13. Account department
  14. Cleaning equipment
  15. Food and beverage production
    1. Executive chef
    2. Sous chef
    3. Chef de partie
    4. Butchery and garde manager
    5. Handling of kots
    6. The executive chef
  16. Kitchen sanitation
  17. Food and beverage service
  18. Organisational hierarchy
    1. Food and beverage manager
    2. Restaurant manager
    3. Banquet manager
    4. Head waiter
  19. Room services
  20. Allied departments
    1. Engineering and maintenance
    2. Account
    3. Accounting tools
  21. Problems and solutions
  22. Conclusion
  23. Biblography

A hotel is not just one department nor is it a place where things just happen. It is a collection of various departments working together to make the organization, as a whole, a success. What one must appreciate is the size of the hotels and what it takes to make them run smoothly. This study is based on an investigation of the workings of the various departments in a hotel and how they coordinate with one another. It will also attempt to show you how many things need to be looked into to get a guest settled in his room without a complaint. The objective of these activities is not just to make the guest comfortable for this one trip but to convince him that this is the only hotel that can possibly meet all his needs, for now and in future.

The front office is one of the departments, which plays a very important role in the working of the hotel. This is responsible for the sale of the hotel rooms through systematic methods of reservation, followed by registration and assigning rooms to customers, and acts as continuous source of information to guests while they stay at the hotel.

[...] SUGGESTIONS: The hotel has a wide patronage of clients and hence it should see to it that they are able to live up to the standard expectation of the clients. To keep up the standards, close supervision is very necessary. The supervisors should see to it that every nook and corner and all dusty areas are cleaned effectively. The hotel should also purchase modern electrical equipment such as carpet shampooing, vacuum cleaners which not only reduce work load but also help in maintaining standards. [...]

[...] Planning menus and recipes, monitoring food costs and implementing cost control The executive chef may also be required to purchasing foodstuff, beverages and supplies or if the hotel has a full time buyer to direct the purchasing section. The chef may also oversee the receiving, inception and quality control of food stuff. THE ASSISTANT CHEF In a large food beverage operation, an assistant chef responsible for a menu planning and recipe design may assist the executive chef. In the example organization chart, the assistant chef supervises a working chef who has the title of food production manager. [...]

[...] A free room is given to the organizer for every 15 to 13 rooms depending on the policy Family rate special rate given to families charging one room, Children may be accommodated free of charge Depending on their age Computerized Reservation Reservation data are kept in computer files, requiring fewer labor hours and providing higher accuracy than the manual systems. The computer stores thousands of reservation and can retrieve them in seconds, using keyboard and a display screen. The system automatically stores and updates all records and related files and prints confirmation on demand ROOMING PROCEDURES Rooming procedures are the cores of the clerk. [...]

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