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A study on the titanium processing factory (Kerala Minerals & Metals Limited – KMML) in India

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  1. Introduction
  2. Tianium dioxide industry in India
    1. Illumanite, rutile, leucoxene, zircon, silliminate, monozite, titanium dioxide and titanium metal
  3. Demand for titanium dioxide
    1. Import of titanium dioxide into India
  4. Marketing department
    1. Structure of marketing department
    2. Marketing activities of KMML
    3. Merchandizing functions
    4. Marketing physical distribution system
    5. Marketing facilitating functions
    6. Risk bearing
    7. Export market of KMML
    8. Marketing mix of KMML
    9. Advertisement
    10. Major customers of KMML's product
  5. Personal department
    1. Structure of personal department
  6. Employee strength
    1. Major function of P and A department
    2. Selection of Employees in KMML
    3. Welfare activities
    4. Classification of Workers
  7. Production department
    1. Production units
    2. Mineral seperation plant
    3. Tianium dioxide pigment plant
    4. Ilmenite beneficiation plant
    5. Acid regeneration plant
    6. Pigment production plant
  8. Approach towards water consumption
  9. Finance and accounts department
    1. Costing and auditing
    2. Accounting policy of KMML
  10. Major competitors
  11. Material department
    1. Purchase department
    2. Purchase procedure
    3. Strores control
    4. Material records
    5. Inventory control technique
    6. Methods of valuing material issue
  12. Fire and safety department
    1. Safety exhibition for the public
    2. Occupational health and safety assessment series
  13. Maintenence Department
    1. IBP maintenance and PPP Maintenance
  14. Research and development department
  15. Swot analysis
  16. Conclusion
  17. Bibliography

Kerala is a land enriched with heavy mineral deposits. The western side of Kerala has been in the healing touch of Arabian Sea and the southern part of the sea shore has the rare and rich deposit of minerals, stretched along with sea cost beaten tidal channels, that is between Kayamkulam and Neendakara, a tract generally known as chavara cost is situated. The main content of these sands are Ilmenite, Rutile, Leucoxene, Sillimanite, Zircon and Monazite. Out of these the first three are Titanium bearing Minerals. To make use of these materials, the Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited (KMML) has been set up. These minerals can provide large number of metals and metal compounds. The KMML is one of the three factories in the state which uses these minerals as raw-minerals. The other two factories are: - Travancore Titanium Products Limited and the Indian Rare Earth Limited.

The KMML is located on the side of N.H - 47, very near to the sea at Sangaramangalam near Chavara. Now KMML is engaged in mining and separating the mineral sands into various constituents like Ilmenite, Rutile, Leucoxene, Sillimanite, Zircon and monazite. The first three minerals are used for the manufacturing of Titanium Dioxide Pigment and Titanium sponge metal. Zircon is used for making Zirconium Oxide, Zirconium Hydroxide, and Zirconium Ox chloride. Zirconium metal has important application in nuclear technology. Sillimanite is used for making Silicon Aluminum Alloy and monazite is the new material for the Rare Earth Industry.

[...] The manpower requirements in KMML have been estimated based on the Engineering consultants (India) Ltd. The company has now decided to review manpower requirements and entrusted Kerala State Productivity Council (KSPC), Kalamassery to undertake the work study and job evaluation so as to enable the company to arrive at the required manpower for their plant capacity. The absence of the proper manpower planning has led to the excess employment of the workforce. According to the executives, many external sources of the manpower are utilized by the KMML in filling the position created from time to time. [...]

[...] These factories give KMML, a formidable position in the chemical processing industry. KMML at present produces 6 grades of TiO2, which are described in detail as follows. KEMOX RC-800 PG (Rutile Titanium Dioxide) KEMOX RC-800 PG is a low absorption medium durable alumina heated rutile pigment produced by the chloride process. It has high tinting strength and excellent desperation property. RC-800 PG exhibits comparatively low abrasively. KEMOX RC-800 KEMOX RC-800 is a low absorption medium durable alumina heated Rutile Titanium dioxide pigment produced by the chloride process. [...]

[...] Existing partially computerized accounting system Lack of a centralized paging system in the process of handling the issues related to accidents and hazards in the factory Increased cost of production Lack of captive power generating capacity Weight variation due to atmospheric effect on the packaging of the product Government's interference on company's governance affects the professional approach. OPPORTUNITIES 1. Absence of comes tic competitors Recently signed MOU with Chinese firm to get an access in to the most liberalized economy Increasing application of company's products in nuclear technology More sales realization in the domestic and international market Recently awarded export house status to the marketing dept Expected growth of the paint industry @ THREATS 1. [...]

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