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An empirical study of the Scottish attitude towards mobile phone product and services

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  1. Introduction: Big tobacco's global expansion
  2. Global tobacco players
    1. Philip Morris, Bat and RJ Reynolds
  3. Factors responsible for overseas expansion
  4. Indicators of cigarette industry performance
    1. U.S. markets
    2. World markets
  5. Leading world cigarette markets on a country-by-country basis
  6. The cigar industry
    1. Players in the cigar industry
    2. The big four cigar players
  7. Findings about the US cigar industry
  8. Advertising ill health
  9. Legal position of smoking in various countries of the world
  10. Future of the tobacco industry
  11. The tobacco market
  12. Sports and entertainment sponsorship
  13. The free tobacco trade
  14. The network threats: NAFTA, WTO, and the MAI
  15. Framework convention on tobacco control - FCTC
  16. Conclusion

Vodafone Essar is a cellular operator in India that covers16 telecom circles in India .the name of the company ,the marketing brand used is simply Vodafone .its offers both prepaid postpaid GSM cellular phone coverage through out India and is especially strong in the metros. Vodafone Essar provides 2G services based on 900Mhz and 1800Mhz digital GSM technology ,offering voices and data services in 16 of the countries 23 license .the company is often praised for its aware winning advertisement which all follow a clean ,minimalist look. Vodafone the world leading international mobile communication company has fully arrived in India .Vodafone Essar announced today that the Vodafone brand will be launched in India from 21st sep onward .The popular and endearing brand ,Hutch will be transitioned to Vodafone across India .this marked a significant chapter in the evolution of Vodafone as a dynamic and ever growing brand .Vodafone the world leading mobile tel Essar in may 2007 &company was formally renamed Vodafone Essar in July 2007 .Asim Ghosh , Managing Director of Vodafone. Vodafone group ?s communication company completed the acquisition of Hutch Arun Sarin is visiting in India even as the British operator bid for a majority stake in India mobile services operator Hutchison Essar has run into tough competition.

Vodafone Essar is owned by Vodafone 67%Essar group 33%.on 11feb 2007 Vodafone agreed to acquired the controlling interest of 67% held by CheungKong holding in hutch Essar for US$11.1 billion, piping Reliance communication ,Hinduga group and Essar group, which is the owner of the remaining 33%.the whole company was valued at U S D 18.8 billion.

In December 2006 Hutch Essar re launched the ?Hutch? brand nation wide ,consolidating its services under a single identity .the companioned into agreement with NTT Do Co Mo to launch i-mode mobile internet service in India during 2007 .the company used to be named Hutchison Essar ,reflecting the of its previous owner ,Hutchison .the brand was marketed as Hutch .after getting the necessary government approvals with regard to the acquisition of a majority by the Vodafone group .The company was rebranded as Vodafone Essar.

[...] After analysis the respondent response it has been identified that most of the respondent are extremely agree and quite agree that they have knowledge about the product attributes before buying a mobile phone product and services. the customers have strong preference for one brand over another, so they don't think about another brand or product. This type of attitude has been discussed in literature review as the low involvement hierarchy. As discussed in industry analysis some of the customers don't know about the product and services offered by the company and think that all tariffs are same. [...]

[...] Conclusion Objective 1 Analyzing the Mobile phone industry As discussed in industry analysis in the 10 years since, mobile phones have become an integral part of modern life and now almost of India's own a handset. Mobiles have become so popular that many people use their handset as their only phone and rarely use a landline. After analyzing the internal and external environment of the India Mobile industry by using Porter five forces and pestle analyzing tools, it has been concluded that mobile industry in India has strong strength because of high speed of technology innovation, mobile has become a fashion accessory and a necessity of everyday life. [...]

[...] A questionnaire survey is conducted to identifying the consumer attitude towards mobile phone product and services. The researcher considering the nature of the research decided to distribute questionnaires in the university and Local offices (Banks, Hotels, and Shops). Apart from that the researcher with other contacts has decided to distribute questionnaires at his work place and other known areas where it would be relevant for the questionnaires to be answered. Design the questionnaire Questionnaire As with most steps in the research process, the design of the questionnaire is highly iterative. [...]

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