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Analysis of software project time overrun

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  1. Introduction
  2. Information technology industry in India
  3. Major steps taken for promotion of IT industry
  4. Being agile
  5. Project management: The criteria for success
  6. Failure statistics and rate
  7. The conference board survey
  8. Case studies
    1. California DMV
    2. American airlines
    3. Hyatt hotels
    4. Banco itamarati
    5. Case study conclusions
  9. Factors responsible for project time overrun
  10. Summary of findings
  11. Recommendations
  12. Bibliography

A project can be defined as a plan or proposal; a scheme or an undertaking requiring concerted effort.

Software's are the programs, routines, and symbolic languages that control the functioning of the hardware and direct its operation. They are instructions for the computer. A series of instructions that performs a particular task is called a? program." The two major categories of software are "system software" and" application software." System software is made up of control programs such as the operating system and database management system (DBMS). Application software is any program that processes data for the user (inventory, payroll, spreadsheet, word processor, etc.). A common misconception is that software is data. It is not. Software tells the hardware how to process the data.

Software can also be defined as written programs or procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computer system and that are stored in read/write memory.

Unlike a building, software can't be seen, touched, felt or visualized and it's hard for the layman to get a conceptual grip of its size or cost or how long it might take to build.

Hence software projects can be defined as an undertaking to develop computer programs routines, and symbolic languages that control the functioning of the hardware and direct its operation.

Software creation requires concerted effort from the software development teams. A software project team ideally consists of a team leader, software developers and software testers.

However for a software project to be successful it is essential that the project is completed on time and on budget, with all features and functions originally specified. There are a couple of metrics for project success/failure. Some are binary, some are quantitative, and some are qualitative. Many may be influenced by outside factors.

[...] The abstracts in the following pages are some of the key literature reviewed in this project Methodology of literature review Different sources used in order to collect information or data are - Internet - Magazines and Journals - Publications - Articles This encompasses different facets of information sources concerning the identification of various reasons behind software project time overruns. It started with search in Computer and IT magazines, textbooks and lot of other relevant magazines and journals. Information on software project time overruns was mostly available on the websites; lots of articles and presentations on the web sites were analyzed and used in the research for better understanding of the topic. [...]

[...] With 85, Itamarati, while not as assured as Hyatt, started with a high success probability Findings from literature review The literature review has been very informative as it has thrown light on the research and articles that have been written on software project time overruns. Moreover it has helped in identifying the degree of research that has been already done on the subject.It has narrowed the scope of repetition and has formed the basis of secondary data for this study. [...]

[...] In view of this fact, this research work is aimed to analyze the factors that cause software project time overruns and to provide recommendation to overcome or mitigate the effect of some of the identified factors on software project. However it should be borne in mind that product success is not equal to project success. One project might be regarded by management as a failed project. It might be several months late, and over-budget, and with some initial quality problems. [...]

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