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Business community and automation of business processes

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  1. Introduction
  2. Neotecra India pvt. Ltd in New York
    1. Organization's mission
    2. Neotecra's value addition
    3. SME's business solutions
    4. The list of products offered by Neotecra India Pvt.Ltd
  3. Indian software industry
    1. Domestic software industries
    2. Software export industries
  4. Classification of software products
  5. Type of services offered
  6. Marketing channels used by software companies
  7. SWOT analysis of Indian software industry
  8. Business process automation and workflow management
  9. IT scenario in Bangalore
  10. A study of IT infrastructure
  11. Research and analysis of the IT industry
  12. Findings from the research
  13. Suggestions
  14. Conclusions

The goal of this study was to understand the needs of business community for the automation/computerization of business processes and the level of automation that exists in business. The data was collected using a structured questionnaire through a direct interview method. One hundred respondents were interviewed and most of the people interviewed were either the proprietors of the concern or the managers. The entire sample covered a broad range of businesses including garment dealers and manufacturers, silk sari dealers and manufacturers, dealers of food and beverages. The study suggests that although there are people who have upgraded their business processes by implementing computerization but there are a good number of people who have no idea about it or even if they have they are skeptical about going for it mainly because of lack of knowledge or awareness.
The study further showed that the people who have computerized their business have more inclination towards non-customized software in contrast to the customized one. This trend was noticed across all the business segments studied. The reason for this trend is because of the following reasons;

Cost of customization
-Easy availability of the software
-Promotion of the software
-Brand image of the non-customized software

People have a perception that customization of the software involve extra cost and as the non-customized software is easily available in the market they think that it is user friendly and less complicated to install and use.

One more reason for this trend is the promotional activities followed by many players in this business, be it the word of mouth, promotion using print media like newspapers, magazines etc or through electronic media like TV, Radio etc.
Some of the non-customized software companies have been able to build a strong brand image in the market, which also influences the buyers' decision.
One more factor that is responsible for this trend is the turn over of the company, as it was noticed that more the turn over of the company more is the level of automation and customization.

[...] Their experts cover a range of business knowledge including electronic commerce, business processes and web security. By focusing on only a few projects at a time and staffing each with carefully selected personnel with the best fit, they aim to meet client objectives. In each engagement, their consultants can bring their experience to bear in not only implementing client specified requirements and architecture but also add additional value by suggesting improvements, alternative and more optimal approaches, changes to avoid potential pitfalls and perform trouble shooting as necessary. [...]

[...] The Key Benefits of Workflow Improved efficiency - automation of many business processes results in the elimination of many unnecessary steps Better process control - improved management of business processes achieved through standardizing working methods and the availability of audit trails Improved customer service consistency in the processes leads to greater predictability in levels of response to customers Flexibility software control over processes enables their re-design in line with changing business needs Business process improvement - focus on business processes leads to their streamlining and simplification Automation provides companies with three main benefits Integration of enterprise applications. [...]

[...] As the respondents were high business people, meeting them personally require a lot of time and effort. The respondents may not come out with the actual answer or can be diplomatic in their approach. TOOLS USED FOR TESTING OF HYPOTHESIS By hypothesis we mean a statement about the population parameters. Hypothesis deals with a procedure, which accepts or rejects the hypothesis. The hypothesis is of two types. Null Hypothesis It states that there is no significant difference between the sample value and population value. [...]

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