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Business plan: Marriage/Wedding fairies

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  1. Executive summary
  2. The mission statement
  3. Introduction
  4. Company description
    1. The owners
    2. Legal form of ownership
    3. The company goals and objectives
    4. The strengths and the weaknesses
  5. Description of the services
    1. Special features and benefits
  6. Marketing plan
    1. Economics
    2. Service
    3. Customers
    4. Competition
    5. Niche
  7. The marketing strategy
    1. The promotion activities
    2. The pricing
    3. The distribution channels
  8. Sales forecast
  9. The operational plan
  10. Management and organization
  11. The financial plan
    1. The break even analysis
    2. Financial projections
  12. VIII- Appendices

In our company the Wedding Fairies is in partnership with six people who want to offer an all inclusive service for wedding planning. We believe for the wedding day nothing can be too perfect and we want to be sure that our customers get the best from us. We offer a real customized service to our customers. We want to observe every desire that they have. We take pride in taking care of everything from the invitations to the catering and till the honeymoon. We want to propose a luxurious service by organizing wedding in heavenly destinations in foreign countries as our customers' desires. We ensure the best for the most important day of one's life ? wedding day. Wedding Fairies aims at imaging, creating and organizing a heavenly wedding for couples in foreign countries. Our services want to propose the best customer relationship management through a personalized and customized response for each of them. We want to make sure that our service accompanies couples for the most beautiful days of their lives.

[...] IV- Marketing plan Economics The wedding business is an industry with $45 billion a year. In France, more than 266,000 weddings are celebrated per year at a budget million. In this industry, our market share is not very significant. Indeed, we are on the luxurious segment which means we organize only few weddings per year as, luxurious weddings do not occur very often. The trends in the market are quite contradictory. Besides, the wedding planning industry is constantly growing. Our business has a potential of growth which should increase over the years. [...]

[...] In fact, there will be three teams in charge of several weddings (this will be developed in another part of the business plan). So, our capacity will increase over the years, but we think that very soon, we will not be able to cover the real demand. The following tab describes the number of wedding that we will be able to take in charge each year according to the demand. Years Number of weddings 2008 6 2009 8 2010 10 2011 12 2012 14 2013 16 The fact is that in 2012, we will have to hire new people in order to help us to face the demand and to increase our capacity. [...]

[...] Most of them are not completely specialized in weddings as they also take charge of other kind of events. The strengths and the weaknesses STRENGTHS: WEAKNESSES: The idea of organizing complete Our company is not well-known at weddings abroad, in heavenly places the moment. It will be difficult to is very innovative get our first customers as we don't Our offer is very complete as we have notoriety yet take charge of everything. This is We still need to develop our an inclusive offer network and we need partners Our offer is customized and Our offer concerns mainly personalized according to the relatively wealthy people. [...]

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