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Business strategy: Great chance for McDonalds to invest and develop in Vietnam’s fast food market

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  1. Introduction
    1. Reasons for building the project
    2. Structure of project
  2. Method
    1. Target group
    2. Data collection
    3. Duration and process
  3. Findings
    1. The level of satisfaction in the taste of fast food in every restaurants
    2. The assessment of the price of the fast food
    3. Awareness of the McDonalds brand
    4. Reasons to eat fast food
    5. Purchasing behavior towards eating fast food
    6. Cost per fast food meal
    7. The Vietnamese taste
  4. Business plan
    1. Executive summary
    2. Project description
    3. Services
    4. Objectives
    5. Products
    6. Industry dwescription
    7. Industry performance and trend
    8. Business climate
    9. Market analysis
    10. Pricing strategy
    11. Competion analysis
  5. Operation and production plan
  6. Risk assessment
  7. Contingency plan
  8. Financial project
  9. Conclusion
  10. Recommendations

Experts believe that Vietnam is the potential fast food market, but the available systems of fast food restaurants have not met the customer's demand yet. So, it is a great chance for McDonalds to invest and develop in Vietnam. Therefore, a project to analyze the chances, risks, competitors and gives solutions is extremely necessary. The project has 5 parts ? introduction, method, findings, business plan and conclusion. In there the business plan includes 10 parts - executive summary, project description, industry description, market analysis, competitive analysis, operation and production plan, management plan, SWOT analysis, risk analysis, financial projections.

This report was finished within 13 weeks. The first step was to collect the relevant information to prepare for the two surveys. The first survey was to discover the strong and weak points of competitors and the customer's tastes. The second one was to check whether the plan heads in right direction or not. The next step was to conduct the surveys and draw the necessary information from them. The third one was to analyze the results of the first survey after that making the business plan. And to ensure the plan is possible, the second survey is conducted.

[...] - The market saturation; when the fast food market is saturate, it leads to lower price and the reduction of customer base Contingency plan We think that it is very hard for McDonalds to fail in Vietnam. However, in the event that the business fails, we will never give up. We will try to attract more investors, we believe that there are always many people really interest in McDonalds brand Financial Project Assumptions with financial statements Activities paper for bills outlay suppliers VAT VAT 5. [...]

[...] In addition, the financial plan is to figure out the financial potential of the venture and capital needs METHOD 2.1 Target group: This business plan mainly aims at the fast food market in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnamese people who have demands of consuming fast food are usually at age about 50 and under, and belong to the middle class and the upper class. Nowadays, Vietnamese people, especially the youth often care more about the food safety, so they choose fast food restaurants as the most convenient place when they don't have time Data collection Elementary information: The elementary information is collected through the questionnaires and the interviews. [...]

[...] ( The promotion program: Many kinds of discount such as: or 20% or discounted combo (includes chickens, burgers, drinks ) Presents on special occasion (Christmas, New year, Birthday, ) VIP card for whom spends over 200.000 VN?/meal Or VIP card ( 50.000 VN?/card) in which offers 10% discount at every store Objectives - Growth target: we are planning to withdraw the capital after 6 months and keep 30% of fast food's market share. - Products and services: high quality and best services (professional, polite, enthusiastic, fast) are our priorities. [...]

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