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DuPont Auto refinishes India Pvt Ltd

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  1. Introduction of the Indian refinish market
  2. Company profile
  3. DuPont car refinishes in India
  4. Key drivers and restraints for the refinish market
  5. End user
  6. Classification based on technology
  7. Classification by market segments
    1. 2K premium paints
    2. 2K economy paints
    3. 1K paints
  8. Product category
    1. Putties
    2. Primers
    3. Fillers
    4. Undercoats
    5. Topcoats
    6. Base coat
    7. Clear coat
    8. Hardener
    9. Thinner
  9. Industry trends
  10. Distribution channel in automotive refinishes
  11. Consumption pattern
    1. Class A bodyshop
    2. Class B bodyshop
    3. Class C and D bodyshops
  12. Dealers
    1. Exclusive dealer
    2. Dealers in retail segment
  13. Domestic automotive sales trend
    1. Market size
  14. Market engineering measurements
    1. Premium paints
    2. Economy paints
    3. 1K paints
  15. Financial performance of DuPont
  16. Distribution structure of DuPont
  17. Marketing strategies of DuPont
    1. Branding strategies
    2. Human resources of DuPont
  18. Sales strategies of DuPont
    1. Customer oriented value added service provision
  19. Research and development strategies of DuPont
    1. New product development and technology innovation
    2. Pricing strategies
    3. MRP
    4. DPL
    5. Trade discount
    6. Cash discount
    7. Dealers landing price
  20. Average selling price to dealers
  21. Competitive structure
  22. Product profile
  23. Compilation of promotional activities: Training and schemes
  24. Compilation of discounts and Rebates: OE approvals and credit period
  25. Criteria for purchase: Product features
  26. Criteria for purchase: Other features
  27. Brand loyalty of body shops
  28. Factors for switching brands
  29. SWOT analysis for DuPont
  30. Potter's five forces
  31. PEST factors
  32. Problems with DuPont
  33. Conclusion
  34. References

The automotive segment is bifurcated into OEMs and auto refinishes and is one of the fastest growing sub sectors in the Indian Industrial paint markets. The OEM market is the most predominant one where the action has been remarkable in the last few years, with almost all the major automobile companies setting up manufacturing operations in India. The refinishing paint system includes coating systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and two-wheeler markets. This market has been demanding exacting coatings for their end products. This has forced the Indian paint manufacturers to join hands with international paint companies to provide quality coatings. The demand for automotive refinish paints is closely correlated to the growth of the industry in particular and economy in general. Propelled by the growth in the economy and various other factors, the markets for the refinish systems have also grown in leaps and bounds taking the total refinish market to over INR 520 crore which constitutes for over 20% of the total Automotive coatings market in India. This study deals with the internal, external and competitive analysis of Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes India Pvt Limited.

Operating in more than 70 countries, DuPont offers a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including agriculture, nutrition, electronics, communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation and apparel. DuPont Autorefinishes is a part of DuPont Performance Coatings, which is in turn a part of E.! DuPont. DuPont is one of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the world.

[...] (Source Business Today) Market Size The present auto refinish paint market in India is valued at over INR 520 crore. The market has been growing at a rate of 22-25 percent for the past few years and is expected to grow at a higher rate due to the increase in number of vehicles and various other factors, which has driven the automobile sales in India. The chart below gives an overview regarding the growth in Indian Automotive refinishes market over the last few years. [...]

[...] Distribution Channel in Automotive Refinishes One important feature of this industry is that, the customers and vehicle owners are not the decision makers of the brand of paint and the system. The selection of the brand is based on availability in the body shop and certification provided by the automobile manufacturer. Availability of the appropriate color shade becomes important in the selection process for touch up jobs. The margins in the Automotive Refinish market are much higher as compared to the Automotive OEM market. [...]

[...] The Auto refinishes market is experiencing rapid changes in India. Until recently, the refinishing was done in an un- organized way both in rural and urban India. With the advent of new generation vehicles, these unorganized shops are giving way to more organized body shops. Indian automobile manufacturers have also realized the need for organized vehicle workshops apart from the ones provided by the dealers. These body shops, estimated at a few hundreds will be the key end users of automotive refinishes. [...]

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