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Effectiveness of online advertising

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  1. Introduction
  2. Meaning of online advertising
  3. Uses of online advertising
  4. Advantages of online advertisement
  5. Disadvantages of internet
  6. Differences between traditional and web advertising
  7. Important products offered by web advertising
  8. Measuring the efficiency and effectiveness of the site
  9. Online advertising operational definition
  10. Analysis and study of the problem: Is online advertising effective in influencing the potential buyers?
    1. Need, importance, objective and limitations of the study
  11. Research conducted on the study with data
    1. Percentage of respondents checking online advertisement
    2. Various aspects of surfing
    3. Age and occupation of the respondents
    4. Findings of the study
    5. Limitations of the study
  12. Conclusion
  13. Bibliography

Internet is fast emerging as a powerful medium of advertising in the new millennium. With the number of Internet users increasing manifold, the new medium is viewed as the advertiser's dream. The Internet is the fastest growing medium in the 2000's with millions of users and an average estimated growth of 124% annually.

Internet advertising is becoming a part of some companies marketing strategy- however it requires new strategies and thinking. The benefits of Internet advertising is its ability to cover people from different geographical area with varied tastes and preferences.

This study is descriptive study and the sampling technique here used is convenience sampling. The sample size is 100 selected from the population of a City. The data is collected with the help of structured questionnaire, which includes open end and close-ended questions.

Here the Hypothesis Testing is done with the help of the Chi-square test, this is to test the relation ship between the two attributes. Here the attributes are Features and Effectiveness of Online Advertisement.

The next step in the research process is Analysis and Interpretation of the Data collected from the respondents. This Analysis and Interpretation was done with the help of Graphs and Tabulation, They were prepared with the help of MS Excel software.

With the help of Analysis and interpretation the findings are drawn which includes whether consumers are aware of online advertisement, do online advertisement effect their purchase behavior.

[...] The following criteria evaluate the effectiveness of the different media. They may be new concepts right now but will be most essential part of business world in near future. In fact, the future we are talking about is already here! And to survive in this cutthroat competition, sooner your organization enters cyber world, better - because in cyber world, it's always a one-way traffic, no looking back but just zooming ahead - at lightning speed! PRODUCT PROFILE Some of the important products offered by Web Advertising are listed below: Web banner and panel ads These are small rectangular graphic images that usually have a call to action (Like "Click here"). [...]

[...] Online Advertising Operational Definition Advertising Network - A group of websites, which share a common banner server Typically, a sales organization, which manages the commerce and reporting. An ad network has the ability to deliver unique combinations of targeted audiences because they serve your banner or ad across multiple sites. Ad view - An ad view, synonymous with ad impression, is a single ad that appears (usually in full view without scrolling) on a Web page when the page arrives at the viewer's display. [...]

[...] STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: Is Online advertising effective in influencing the potential Buyers? Internet is one of the important mediums that own all kinds of features, which implies a great potential and powerful advertising medium in the future. In addition, Internet has a better impact than traditional media in the features like Format Variety, Affinity, and Preservability. Furthermore, Internet is the only medium so far which owns the feature of interactivity. That creates lots of new communication opportunities and possibilities that were unable to be achieved in the past because of the limitation of media technologies. [...]

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