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Retention of guest with reference to reservation system used by the front office of a hotel

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  1. Introduction to front office
  2. Reservation department
    1. Reception
    2. Concierge and bell desk
  3. Introduction to guest retention
    1. Methods of guest retention
    2. Feedback
    3. Suggestion
    4. Quality control
  4. Finding customer trends and customer expectation
    1. Building customer loyalty
    2. Music to guest's ears
    3. Electronic locking system
    4. Hard wired systems
    5. Micro fitted systems
    6. Auxiliary guest services
    7. Guest operated devices
    8. In room entertainment system
    9. Guest information services
  5. Introduction to the reservation system
    1. Key benefits
    2. Reservations
    3. Back office management
    4. Working of the reservation system
    5. Computer based reservation system
    6. Central reservation system
    7. Central reservation function
  6. Maintenance of the reservation record
  7. New developments
  8. Reservations through the internet
  9. Importance of guest reservation systems
    1. The GDS's
    2. Internet web sites
    3. Who maintains the data about my hotel
    4. Targeting a market segment
    5. Passenger name record
  10. Stored pricing
  11. Booking hotels
  12. Suggestions
    1. Reservations
    2. Communication
    3. Maintaining accessible features for customers
    4. Trends that enhance or hinder accessibility
  13. Conclusion
  14. Bibliography

The front office department is the nerve center of any hotel. It is the first view that the guest gets of the hotel and if this place does not create an impression on the guest, then nothing will. It is this department which welcomes the guest to the hotel and arranges for all the required facilities for the guest to make him comfortable. The front office department not only deals with accommodation facilities but also with guest relations. It also does up-selling of the hotel. Marketing is an important front office activity because the front office is a revenue earning department.

The front office is referred to as the brain of the hotel. It plays an important role in the working of the hotel. This department is responsible for the sale of rooms. The maximum revenue is got from the rooms than banquets. Hence it becomes an important responsibility for the front office manager to sell the maximum number of rooms in a day. The front office follows a systematic method of reservation followed by registration and assigning rooms to the customer and acts as continuous source of information to the guest during his stay in the hotel. The front office staff also makes sure that the guests who are in the hotel are given the standard service.

[...] A front office organization includes the front office reception and reservation headed by the front office manager, the concierge and bell desk, travel and information desk and the telephone department. The following are the functions and services provided by the Front Office Department: Ø Accepting reservation and making the necessary arrangements. Ø Assigning the rooms. Ø Accounting. Ø Handling mails Ø Provide custody for Guest Valuables. Ø Providing information. Ø Handling complaints. Ø Credit facilities. Ø Costing of room status reports. [...]

[...] In order to use one of these terminals, a guest typically must arrive at the hotel with an advance reservation and must posses a valid credit card. The guest initiates the self-registration process by inserting the credit card at the terminal. The terminal then prompts the guest to use a key and enter the necessary information. After collecting registration data, the terminal screen may display the room types and rates. Since most terminals are interfaced to a PMS room management module, automatic room and rate assignment is possible. [...]

[...] Many systems provide multiple delivery alternatives to ensure successful completion of services process: The goals of central reservation system are to improve guest service while enhancing profitability and operating efficiency. A CRO accomplishes these goals by Ø Providing access to special room rates and packages. Ø Instantly confirming reservation. Ø Communicating with major airline, travel and car rental agencies. Ø Building expensive guest files. Basic services provided include Automated Room Availability Updating. As a room is sold, the inventory of rooms available for sale is automatically is updated at both property and CRO. [...]

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