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The role of advertising effectiveness in changing customer’s perception in relation to LG and its competitors

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  1. Introduction
  2. The noticeable medias
  3. LG - Company profile
  4. DAC vision and philosophy
  5. The home network products
  6. Product profile
  7. Brand comparison
    1. Comparison with LG electronics
    2. Comparison with Samsung
    3. Comparsion with Voltas
    4. Comparsion with Onida
    5. Comparison with Carrier
    6. Comparison with Hitachi
    7. Comparison with O-General
    8. Comparison with Whirlpool
    9. Comparison with Videocon
  8. Research methodology
  9. Customer survey
  10. Data interpretation and analysis
  11. Suggestions and limitations
  12. Conclusion
  13. Bibliography

Modern marketing calls for more than developing a good product, pricing it attractively and making it accessible. Companies must also communicate with present and potential stakeholders, and the general public. Every company is inevitably cast into the role of communicator and promoter. For most companies, the question is not whether to communicate but rather how?

The answer to this is the marketing communication mix, which consists of five major modes of communication, namely:

Among these marketing is the most important communication channel for marketing. ?Advertising is any paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.?

The form of advertisement in today's era ranges from Print and broadcast ads, Packaging-outer, Packaging inserts, Motion pictures, Brochures and booklets, Posters and leaflets, Directories, Reprints of ads, Billboards, Display signs, Point-of-purchase displays, Audiovisual material, Symbol and logos, Videotapes.

Because of the many forms o and uses of advertising, it's difficult to make all-embracing generalizations. Yet an advertisement must contain the following qualities:

Advertisements public nature confers a kind of legitimacy on the product and also suggests a standardized offering. Because many people receive the same message, buyers know that motives for purchasing the product will be publicly understood.

Advertising permits the seller to repeat a message many times. It also allows the buyer tom receive and compare the messages of various competitors. Large-scale advertising says something positive about the seller size, power and success. Advertising provides opportunities for dramatizing the company and its products through the artful use of print, sound and color. The audience does not feel obligated to pay attention to advertisement. Advertisement is a monologue in front of, not a dialogue.

Advertising can be used to build-up a long-term image for a product or trigger quick sales. Advertising can efficiently reach geographically dispersed buyers. Certain forms of advertisements like TV commercials can require a large budget, whereas other forms like newspaper advertising can be done on a small budget. Advertising might have an effect on sales simply through its presence. Customers might believe that a heavily advertised brand must offer ?good value?.

In today's advertising three media are noticeable, namely:

In developing an advertising program, managers must always start by identifying the target market and buyer motives. There they have to take five major decisions in developing an advertising program known as 5Ms of advertising.

[...] Most customers only go for branded Air conditioners & hence demand is for brand LG is the air conditioners brand that is most customers' favorite and it is regarded as one of the brand with effective communication to customer and satisfactory performance products Price is the most important feature which is sought by customers if a brand air conditioner is affordable & efficient why not purchase it where brand image also plays a role to some extend Lower cost and better efficiency should be theme for advantage as it is all customers want to have an air conditioner Enhancing style of presentation of theme is most important for increasing the effectiveness of advertisement Among various advertisement style used showing air conditioner, as a part of customer's life or attaching it to life style would be beneficial About catchy punch lines & jingles the customers & dealers will point differ as customer feel its effective for their product only to some extend but dealers think they very much effect the perception of customers about the product but we can conclude they do effect customers perception about products Customers & dealers vary in their thinking regarding message awareness. [...]

[...] These questions are more or less same as the customer's questions and it intents at knowing the customer's perception regarding ACs advertising from the dealer's point of view who are the only one in close contact with dealers and are basic and reliable source of information regarding the product sale and its purchase criteria. As the questions are short and closed-ended Dealer's showed interest and full co-operation in filling them. Observation is done question wise from question 1 to question 9. [...]

[...] Types of AC Capacity (In Tons) Price Range PROMOTIONAL SCHEMES: 1+4 Years Warranty Discount as per norm OBJECTIVE OF THE RESEARCH The objective of my project is to calibrate Role of Advertising Effectiveness in Changing Customer's Perception? regarding Air conditioners. It is descriptive research done to understand and acknowledge the different ways in which various Advertising effect customer's perception regarding the product and deduce the most effective way in order to enhance the captivity of AC advertising. Under this research the various ways in which the different forms of advertising that effects and changes customer's perception about the Air conditioners was studied, so that the company could come up with different ways to enhance its advertising skills. [...]

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