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What science says on « Strategy of ” differentiation rupture” and chain value »

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  1. Introduction
  2. Chain value brought and competitive advantage
  3. Structure of the chain and dependent skills
  4. The fundamental questions that are brought to be posed by building this chain
  5. Technology: The use of a process less intensive in capital or hand work
  6. The level and evaluation of the project rate
  7. Optimization and coordination of the chain
  8. Coordination
  9. Reference

Strategy of ? differentiation rupture ? is based on the observation that the current situation comes from the compliance with the rules of the game accepted by all. For a firm being in an unfavourable competitive position, the solution can be to look for the means of making, not the same thing as its most important competitors, but another thing. How?

[...] Knowing the value that the activity brought to the consumer, one seeks to bring the same value with lower resources to him, therefore with a better productivity, obtained thanks to a better coordination of the different chain elements. This approach appears with the expensive analysis affiliate to the industrial economists. But analysis is finer because here is led not to the level of economic sector, but is concentrated on a strategic activity precised field. On the other hand, it must overflow the strict framework of the Enterprise, to show interest to the chain of the different speakers in a given field. [...]

[...] Optimization and coordination of the chain: This step allows to identify as competitive advantage source determining one of the functions of the value chain for which the company seems placed better that its competitors. Two ways of investigation must be explored: the optimization on one or more chain links and the coordination between several links of this same chain. Optimization: Optimal competitiveness can be required by analyzing for each elementary function of the chain the competitive advantages sources accessible to the company: The list of skills quoted previously constitutes an index reference of this approach. [...]

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