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Business plan: Green Oceans Fuels

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  1. Plan summary.
  2. Products.
  3. Unique features of the product.
  4. Future products.
  5. Market definition.
  6. Competition.
  7. Marketing plan.
  8. Production plan.
  9. Company structure.

BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: An ethanol production company with the uniqueness of making ethanol from sea-algae cellulose. This production method allows ethanol to be sold at a much lower price than competitors as well as making it cheaper than gasoline.
MISSION STATEMENT: To push the leading edge of ethanol production, while protecting the interest of the environment.
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: Produce environmentally friendly ethanol made from kelp plants. Distribute ethanol to fuel distribution companies who will then distribute it to gas stations world wide. The company's goals are to reduce pollution, solve the fuel crisis by providing an alternative fuel source, and to reduce the United State's dependence on foreign nations not friendly to the United States thus improving the overall economy.

[...] The second primary objective of Green Ocean Fuels will be to create a demand amongst the general population in the United States and Chile. By creating a demand amongst the people it will give incentive for the distributors to buy the kelp ethanol. MARKETING STRATEGY-ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION: An important consideration in the total marketing effort of the company if found in the name itself: Green Ocean Fuels, LLC. Green is specifically a part of the name to represent the environmental benefits of the bio-fuel products that will be produced. [...]

[...] Green Ocean Fuels also plans on taking advantage of the newly booming salmon farming industry achieving rapid growth, with exports exceeding US billion from Chile (Guafo Island, 2007). MARKET DEFINITION CUSTOMERS: Green Ocean Fuels direct customers will be fuel distributors who will then supply it to the end users at gas stations. There are countless fuel distributors that will pose as potential customers. MARKET GROWTH: The current US market alone consumes 146 billion gallons of gasoline per year (How much gasoline, 2007). [...]

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