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A brief look at the company L’oreal and some of it strategies

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  1. Introduction
  2. The global reach Of L'Oreal
  3. The business
  4. The product categories
    1. Consumer products
    2. Professional products
    3. Luxury products
    4. Active cosmetics
  5. Corporate strategies
    1. The strategist
    2. Initial strategy
  6. Mergers and acquisitions
  7. Cross-fertilization
  8. New geographic areas
  9. Research and development
  10. Entering new business
  11. Exploring new opportunities
  12. Corporate social responsibility
  13. Achievements
  14. A complete global changeover
  15. L'Oreal's journey in India
  16. Conclusion

Eugene Schueller a young French chemist developed an innovative hair color formula, Aureole. He manufactured his own products and sold them to Parisian hairdressers. The company was registered in 1909. The guiding principle from the beginning was research and innovation in the interest of beauty. By, 1950 had acquired 100 products and today they are 2000 product strong. From the beginning Eugene was ambitious about his company and by 1912 the brands were found in Holland, Austria and Italy. In a few years the company was distributed US, South America, Russia and Far East. Today, L'Oréal is present worldwide through its subsidiaries and agents. L'Oreal started out in hair color business but soon branched out into other cleansing/beauty products. L'Oreal's century long history is marked with successes. Today the 500 brands of L'Oréal provide diverse products from hair color, permanents, styling aids, body and skin care, cleansers and fragrances.

[...] Thus we see that L'Oreal in India has followed a two-pronged strategy: having a wide portfolio with the range of products for both premium and middle and lower segments in each of their product divisions reinforcing their brand image through promotion of the premium brands even at low demand. The main threat that L'Oreal face s in India comes from not just its direct competitors like Revlon, Nivea etc. but also from the traditional wisdom prevailing. So L'Oreal is fighting to bring in a whole new lifestyle [...]

[...] Thus, the product was sent back to the laboratory, Lindsay Owen-Jones insisted on giving it a new name and Water Shine lipstick was born. After having conquered the Japanese market, it was exported everywhere in Asia and, eventually, throughout the world. Today, it is so popular in Russia that certain colors are out of stock. The trick will be staying ahead in the game as his powerful rivals seek to play the global branding game. From giant P&G to niche players such as Los Angeles-based cosmetics maker Stila, L'Oreal's competitors are hustling to catch up. [...]

[...] According to the survey, ?L'Oreal's outstanding reputation is largely due to its attractiveness as a company and its good financial health.? L'Oréal was the company most often mentioned under the headings ?good financial health,? ?quality of products,? ?desirable products,? ?attractiveness,? ?desirable place to and ?desirable company to invest L'Oréal decided to link up with the Cité des Sciences Museum in Paris to launch the world's first exhibition on hair in 2001. After a highly successful three-year European tour, L'Oreal's ?Decoding Hair? exhibition heads to Central America and opens in Mexico on December 9th L'Oreal's firm commitment to promoting diversity among its employees, customers and suppliers, and the Group's overall culture of inclusiveness has earned it the very first Diversity Best Practices' Global Leadership Award. [...]

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