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A closer look at transportation in India

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  1. Introduction
  2. Functions of transportation
  3. Resources used by transportation
  4. Participants in transportation decisions
  5. Roles and perspective of each party in transportation
  6. Types of transport
  7. Costs of various modes of transport
  8. Factors influencing cost of transportation
  9. Elements of transportation infrastructure
  10. An intermodal transport chain
  11. Some important concepts of transportation
  12. Conclusion

Transportation is the movement of products from one node in the distribution channel to another. By providing for the swift and uninterrupted flow of products back and forward through the distribution channel, transportation provides companies distinct markets on an equal footing. Transportation also permits wider and deeper penetration of new markets far from the point of production. In addition, by maximizing vehicle and materials handling capacities and cargo requirements, effective transportation permits distributors to leverage economies of scale by lowering the per unit cost of transporting the product. Efficient transportation enables distributors to reduce the selling price by holding costs down, thereby providing for more competitive product positioning. Finally, transportation provides other business function with essential information concerning products, market place and time utilities and transit costs, and capabilities necessary for effective enterprise planning and operational execution. The first step in the management process is to establish the cost effectiveness of private transportation fleets and the search for and selection of public carriers. The goal is to ensure the highest level of customer service at the lowest possible price. The selection of a carrier is normally a combination of the price of service, carrier financial stability, reliability and mode availability and subjective elements. The second step involves the ongoing choice of selected transport mode to meet daily shipment requirements.

[...] Fuel consumed is a big cost in transportation C. Environmental this activity is a fuel guzzler, eats up natural fuels like oil, directly and indirectly. - 67% of all domestic fuel usage in the US is by transportation activity. Creates congestion, air pollution and noise pollution. Environmental cost is tangible and substantially intangible. As transportation utilizes temporal, financial and environmental resources items must be moved only when product value is enhanced Product Storage:- Temporary storage in stationary vehicles or Vehicles kept moving on a circuitous route - Product storage is expensive in a transport vehicle. [...]

[...] If this infrastructure is inadequate transportation gets slowed down resulting into a major obstacle in the growth of trade and business in that area. Elements of transportation infrastructure Terminal facilities - well maintained loading unloading facilities, space for movement of vehicles, platforms, railway yards Vehicles- trucks, ships or wagons depending on the mode. Their size, shape & speed Right of way- passage to move on. Rails, roads, airways, limitations on speed, weight, height etc. If we use this particular passage. [...]

[...] Government supports transportation by providing a network of roads, Airports and ATC, Ports and Harbors. Government wants taxes to support above activities in national interest. Ultimately the consumer, general public, has to bear the burden of tax. Public:- Public as consumers trigger transportation activity by demanding products and services of high quality from all over the world at minimum cost. They have concern for safety as accidents of various kind have been a bye product of transportation. Degradation of the environment is another threat about which public are concerned as transportation is at the root cause of many such concerns. [...]

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