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A look at the small scale industries

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  1. Introduction
    1. Definitions
    2. Tiny unit
    3. Small scale industry
    4. Ancillary industrial undertakings
    5. Objectives and scope of the study
    6. Research methodology
  2. Marketing concepts and their relation to the type of the industry
    1. Modern concept of marketing
    2. Marketing system
    3. Service industries
    4. Demand variable of different types of goods
  3. Break even analysis
    1. Types of costs
    2. Main methods of pricing
    3. Break even concept in pricing
  4. Weaknesses of small scale industries
    1. Essentials for starting a small scale industry
    2. Weaknesses
    3. Causes of business failure
    4. Reasons for becoming sick
  5. Government facilities
    1. Extension services of SIDO
    2. Economic information
    3. Technical assistance
    4. Quality improvement and testing
    5. Industrial management and training
    6. Development programs: DIC and incentive in backward areas
    7. Technical consultancy organization
    8. Excise exemption concession
    9. Entrepreneurial development program
    10. Ancillary development and sub- contracting exchanges
    11. Modernization programs
    12. Government store purchase program
    13. Reservation of items for production
    14. National Small Industries Corporation
    15. Financial assistance
  6. Conclusion and suggestions
  7. Bibliography

Small scale industry is widely recognized as a powerful instrument for socioeconomic growth and balanced sectoral development. One of the distinctive characteristics of small scale sector is that the development of these industries would create broader employment opportunities assisting entrepreneurship and skills development and ensure better use of scarce financial resources and appropriate technology. Furthermore, they can play a main role in achievement of national economy and sociopolitical objectives, the gestation period is very short and they need small amount of capital to start. I also help in the dissemination of production capacity unlike the large scale industries which tend to concentrate in a few hands. This apart, establishment of such industries in rural areas and small towns helps to check the influx of population into bigger towns. A rewarding feature of economic development in India has been the impressive growth of modern small scale industries. The small enterprises have by now established their competence to manufacture a wide variety of sophisticated goods in different product lines requiring a high degree of skill and precision.

[...] The diversified, rapid growth of small scale industries is a significant feature of India's economic development in recent years. Definitions:- As per the industrial policy statement of 31st May 1999, a tiny unit small scale industry, ancillary undertaking and service establishment are defined as follows Tiny Unit An industrial unit located in rural or backward areas with a population not exceeding 100000 as per 1991 census and having an investment upto RS 25 Lakhs in plant & machinery is called a tiny industrial unit. [...]

[...] RBI on the advise of the government has set up State Level Inter- institutional Committees in all state under the chairmanship of secretary, Industries Department of the concerned state government and the local officer in- charge of the RBIs Rural Planning and Credit Department as conveyor to provide a useful forum for exchange of information and discussions on problems faced by small scale industrial units. The committee consists of representatives of SISI, SIDC, SFC, SIDBI and banks. The committee meets periodically and brings different parties connected by rehabilitation of viable sick units together so that detailed parameters for rehabilitation based on consensus can emerge. [...]

[...] Extension Services of SIDO Small Industry Development Organization (SIDO) acts as a policy formulating coordinating and monitoring agency for the development of small scale industries at national level. It provides a wide range of extension services through its net-work of 27 small industries services institutes branch small industries services institutes,37 SISI extension centers regional testing centers field testing station product cum process development centers central footwear training centers central tool rooms central institute of hand tools and 4 production centers. [...]

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