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A research on the possibilities of flexible working strategy

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  1. Executive summary
  2. Introduction to the case
  3. Problem statement
  4. Research objective
  5. Scope of the study
  6. Limitations of the study
  7. Research methodology and research design
  8. Sampling design and sample size calculation
  9. Data analysis
  10. Findings
  11. Summary and conclusions
  12. Recommendations
  13. Appendices: Questionnaire
  14. Bibliography

This research proposal seeks to present findings on the policy of flexible working hours being provided to employees so as to enable them to balance their personal as well as professional lives more efficiently. This research paper develops hypothesis on the challenges faced by organizations to be competitive in business and addresses some key questions on the characteristics of flexible working policy. Flexible work practices provide managers and employees with the opportunity to jointly devise tailored working arrangements to suit their mutual needs. Flexible work practices provide managers and employees with the opportunity to jointly devise tailored working arrangements to suit their mutual needs. The benefits of flexible work practices to the Institute include - Retention of skilled employees who may otherwise leave the organization.

[...] Number of working days in a week : 12. Does your company have Flexible working hours? a. If yes, since when? b. If no, would you prefer to have flexible working hours? Yes/No 13. Do you agree that everyone should be able to balance their work and home lives in the way they want to? a. Strongly Agree b. Agree c. Neutral d. Disagree e. Strongly Disagree 14. Do you think that your employer had a responsibility in helping you to achieve this work-life balance? [...]

[...] They would not readily leave the organization Summary and conclusions The study seeks to paint a vivid picture of the state of flexible working inside the IT sector. It would therefore be harsh to categorize work life balance as being on the margins inside IT driven organizations. Equally, to fully realize the benefits of flexible working, and the autonomous work styles that flow from it, the IT sector needs to address more directly the issue of long working hours. The real progress towards flexible working made by the sector has been hewn out of the unforgiving rock face of entrenched long hours. [...]

[...] These findings do not place the IT sector out on a limb they are similar to benchmark findings from other sectors, and they suggest that the IT sector is facing a number of familiar and common challenges, which include: Weak evidence that the leadership community of IT businesses are committed to things being different; The need to move from a narrow commitment to flexible working to a more profound commitment to work life balance; The need to tackle the causes, attitudes and behaviors that underpin long hours cultures; Aligning progression and reward with performance, irrespective of whether the job is done on a full-time basis or not. [...]

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