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A study on branding with reference to laws of internet branding

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  1. Introduction
  2. Branding
  3. Online branding
  4. Need for branding in cyberspace
  5. Benefits of E brands
  6. Framework of branding on the internet
  7. The immutable laws of internet branding
    1. The law of ether
    2. The law of interactivity
    3. The law of the common name
    4. The law of the proper name
    5. The law of singularity
    6. The law of advertising
    7. The law of globalism
    8. The law of time
    9. The law of vanity
    10. The law of divergence
    11. The law of transformation

Time is money. And probably the quickest way to save time and create business, thereby generating income, is through e-commerce. But there is still a relevant question related to whether e-commerce business between consumer and the marketer would, in future, completely outplace the retail business currently taking place at the retail outlets. Though on average, Internet sales are around 1% of total retail sale, the question is justified given the stupendous growth of E-commerce in the event past, the immense growth potential.

Marketers must decide at which level(s) to anchor the brands identity. The most enduring of a brand are the values, culture and personality. They define the brands essence. But e-brand is different from traditional retail brand. There have been a lot of problems with the literature as no definition of e- brand was given. As per the definition of e-brand:

[...] Many companies are going against the laws of nature when they try to build Internet brands on the convergence concept. "Are you getting three different kinds of electronic messages - voicemail, email and fax? Fine, we can fix that for you." The new all-in-one services are called "unified messaging." Instead of having to dial into your voicemail, open your email or check your fax machine, you just go to the sponsor's web page and get all your messages. What's wrong with a unified messaging service? [...]

[...] A big company often fails to exploit new opportunities because it is a "perfectionist." It won't release a new product, a new service or a new Internet site "until we get it right." On the Internet, timing is everything. Just do it. The Law of Vanity The biggest mistake of all is believing you can do everything. Success in business doesn't just show up on the bottom line of the profit-and-loss column, it also goes to the top. Success inflates the egos of top management. [...]

[...] The immutable laws of internet branding Ries and Ries had given 11 immutable laws of Internet branding as the expertise to branding on the online, the most challenging problem in the world of marketing today. The Law of Either The Internet can be a business or a medium, but not both. If the Internet is going to be a business, then you must start from scratch. You must develop a totally new brand with a new strategy and (most important of all) a totally new name. [...]

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