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A study on media planning

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  1. Introduction
  2. Problems in media planning
  3. External influences on media decision
    1. Institutional influences
    2. Lack of objectivity
  4. Developing media plan
    1. What a media planner needs to know?
    2. The marketing strategy plan
    3. Marketing objectives
    4. Setting media objectives
    5. Media strategies
    6. What media planner should know before starting to plan?
    7. Question to ask in planning media strategies
    8. Creative media strategy
  5. Important criteria considered in media planning
    1. Media mix
    2. Target market coverage
    3. Geographic coverage
    4. Scheduling
    5. Reach vs frequency
    6. Budget consideration
    7. Flexibility
  6. Selecting media classes: Inter media comparison
  7. Selecting media vehicles: Intra media comparison
  8. Evaluation and follow up
  9. An overview of media planning process
  10. References

Media planning consists of the series of decisions made to answer the question for advertisers: ?What are the best means of delivering advertisements to prospective purchasers of my brand or service?

Some specific questions that a media planner attempts to answer are:
How many prospects do I need to reach?
In which medium should I place ads?
How many times in a month should prospects see each ad?
In which month ads appear?
In which markets or regions should ad appear?
How much money should be spent in each medium?

When all questions have been asked and decisions made, the recommendation and rationales are organized into a written document called ?Media plan?. Many planners feel that the audience sizes of many media are less important than the number of persons who sees these ads.

[...] Developing Media plan What a media planner needs to know? To develop a successful media plan, the planner must know about the marketing backgrounds of the brand, including product quality, product use, pricing, distribution, packaging, sales promotion, personal selling activity, public relations and advertising. Those elements in a marketing situation analysis that most interest a planner are: History of market: Analysis includes geographic sales distribution, market size, market shares, seasonal effects, and price effects. The goal is to find out where brands are now in terms of share of market and how they got there Destitution channel: This includes analysis of following information about each distribution channel; Shelf facings, inventories held, out of stock situations, methods of selling, display and advertising allowances and how and why promotions are used. [...]

[...] External influences on media decision: There are two external influences on media planning decisions. Because of their subtle nature, there is a problem that they could exert negative influences on the judgment of planner. The pressure to produce ?creative media plans One problem with the creative idea is that the meaning of creative may need better definition. The definition of what creative means is not universally agreed upon. As told by Goldin & Neisloss,? There are no such things as a purely qualitative media opportunity. [...]

[...] However, in general, we believe a creative media strategy to be one that is innovative enough to secure for an advertised brand some advantage over competitor's brand. There are five guidelines for implementing creative media strategies- Be sure that the media strategy is different from and more innovative than competitor's media strategies. The ability to be creative should not depend on additional Rupee spent for media Media strategies should start with quantitative proofs of the best media choices and usages, but then go beyond numbers. [...]

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