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A study on the Indian leisure industry and its importance in the business world

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  1. Introduction
  2. Leisure services: Types of providers
    1. Public sector
    2. Commercial providers
    3. Voluntary provision in the non-public sector
    4. National Agencies
  3. Understanding the leisure services consumer
    1. Age and family life cycle stage
    2. Gender
    3. Education and social factors
    4. Lifestyle
  4. The leisure offering
    1. Activities
    2. Facilities
    3. Services
    4. Function
    5. Facilities
  5. Unique characteristics of the service industry
  6. Triangle marketing
    1. Swimming pools
    2. Libraries
  7. Total product concept
    1. Core product:
    2. Expected product:
    3. Augmented product:
  8. Pricing
    1. Some pricing concepts
  9. Promotion
  10. Process
  11. Some players
    1. Asiatic Library
    2. David Sasoon Library
  12. Conclusion

The concept of leisure, and the freedom to choose individual pastimes and leisure pursuits, is a 20th century development for the mass population. Historically, only the wealthy could divide up their time to engage in activities of their choosing. The working classes had neither the time nor the money to enjoy leisure activities on a broad scale. The development of leisure is seen predominantly in westernized cultures, where it has become increasingly sophisticated. There have been a number of factors contributing to the growth potential of the leisure industry - Technology has reduced hard labor in the working day, to the extent that people need to seek physical exercise for its own sake. Labor-saving devices allow freedom from domestic drudgery. People generally have more free time due to a shorter working week, and longer holidays. Disposable income has increased dramatically.

[...] In the leisure industry the place should offer convenience to the customer as they would most likely not have too much free time to spare in leisure activities as it is and the added travel time would only be a deterrent. Keeping this in mind, voluntary leisure groups like the Lions club or Rotary club have smaller local units which are affiliated to the central unit. Also Television as a leisure activity is so popular because it the service is available at the customers' home and offers him maximum convenience as compared to other leisure activities. [...]

[...] External: In the leisure industry promotion and communication is of paramount importance as all services offered are non-essential in nature thus the customer may not seek information about these. For example while a person may seek out information about banking services he may or may not seek information about the recreational options available to him. In the case of commercial entities such as water parks and television channels, stiff competition makes it necessary to promote their services aggressively. This promotion is meant to entice the customers to try their service offering. [...]

[...] Above the central arched entrance rises a huge dome, tiled in white and blue flecks, supported on a lotus-petal base. Galleries There's a lot to see in the Museum. It's a disservice if one rushes to see it all in one go. To walk around the key gallery is like experiencing 5,000 years of Indian art in a capsule. The plan of the Museum is simple, with a central hall from which the staircase leads to the two upper floors with galleries branching out on the right and left. [...]

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