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A study on the Saint Gobain Group (world leader in production of high performance materials) in India

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  1. Introduction
  2. Trasformation of the group
  3. Activities of Saint Gobain
  4. Saint gobain in india
  5. Specialities of the company
  6. Exports of the company
  7. Organisation structure of the company
  8. The product: Fused cast refractory
    1. Product range
    2. Electrofrax AZS
    3. Electrofrax M
  9. The process
    1. Enquiry stage
    2. Planning and designing
    3. Pattern shop and mould shop
    4. Inspection
    5. Raw materials
    6. Furnace
    7. Pouring
    8. Finishing
    9. Assembling
    10. Shipping
  10. Human resource management in SEPR
    1. Introduction
    2. Functions of HR department
    3. Recognition policy
  11. Manpower planning in the company
    1. Introduction
    2. Recruitment
    3. Selection
    4. Promotion policy
    5. Training
  12. Wages and salary administration
    1. Introduction
    2. Payment of salary
    3. Leave facilities available
    4. Grievance redressal procedures
    5. Disciplinary proceedings
    6. Domestic enquiry procedures
    7. Attendance system
  13. Human resource allocation
  14. Performance appraisal system
  15. Introduction to the appraisal system in SEPR
  16. SEPR's employee welfare program
    1. Canteen faciltiy
    2. Recreation facilities
    3. Medical benefits
    4. Library
    5. Co-operative society
    6. First aid room
    7. Annual tour
    8. Toilet faciltiy
  17. Occupational health and safety policy
  18. Organisation chart of finance and accounts department
    1. Accounts
    2. Functions of accounts department
    3. Books maintained by the department
    4. Taxes and duties
  19. Environmental aspects
    1. Objectives and targets
    2. Following are the objectives
  20. SWOT analysis
    1. Strength
    2. Weakness
    3. Opportunity
    4. Threat
  21. Conclusion
  22. Bibliography

SAINT GOBAIN was created in 1665 as a part of the plan devised by King Louis XIV & Jean ? Bapptiste Colbert (Finance Minister) to restore the French economy. As a result the Royal Glass works came in to existence. Saint Gobain established a near monopoly in 17th century and Ousted Venice, which was then the leader in this sector. In the 19th century, an environment of new-found economic freedom and open international competition prompted the Saint Gobain Company to cross the French borders and organize its glass production on a European basis. This strategy led the company to establish units in Germany (1857), Italy (1889) and Spain (1904). Now Saint Gobain has a global presence.

In 1970, Saint Gobain merged with ?Point-a-mousson', a company that specialized in manufacturing Cast iron pipes. In 1990, Saint Gobain acquired Norton, U.S.A. With the first half of the 20th century came the diversification of glass applications (Glass wool, Glass fiber, Hollow glass). In 1970, Saint Gobain's merger with ?Point-a ?mousson', the world leader in cast iron piping, gave birth to a producer of materials and capital goods geared to the global dimension of its markets. Since 1997, the group focuses on business a sector in which holds strong positions and the assets necessary for growth. The acquisition of ?Polier' in 1996 completed its expertise in distribution.

[...] o Interview 50% o HOD's feed back 50% Flexibility The department will be monitoring the movements as a part of flexibility on a daily basis and maintaining the date in those cases where flexibility movement is not possible. The form of reference of assessment of flexibility will be adaptability to learn, willingness to learn, stretching to meet targets, skill improvements and creativity. Attendance Attendance recorded in the previous year will be verified for this purpose. Full marks will be given to any employee who has present for all the working days and otherwise proportionate marks will be reduced. [...]

[...] Medical Leave: All the employees can avail 3 days medical leave per year LIBRARY An employee's library is functioning in the company CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY It provides finance to the employees incase of emergency and unexpected events FIRST-AID ROOM A first-aid room is maintained in the company. It keeps medicines for the employees, those who require in case of any accident in the course of work ANNUAL TOUR A one day tour is conducted by the company in each year. It will help to increase the relation among the employees TOILET FACILTIY Toilet facility is provided to all the employees. [...]

[...] In case of any vacancy in the specified grades, application will be invited from eligible employees and selection will be made based on the following factors Job Knowledge: For the position in the staff and skilled categories, it will be assessed through a written test and for semi-skilled and low-skilled B position; it will be assessed by practical tests. The test and interviews together will carry 75% and the department head's feedback will have a weight age of Attitude: It is assessed on the basis of : It will be decided by the feed back of the HOD. [...]

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