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A survey on customers to understand Standard Chartered bank’s market penetration in India

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  1. Understanding the research methodology
  2. Features of Standard Chartered bank
  3. Types of savings accounts offered
  4. Data analysis and interpretation
  5. Conclusion

Primary data: The data has been collected with the help of a questionnaire with a view of obtaining the information on all the aspects relating to the banking industry in general and Standard Chartered specifically.

Secondary data: This data has been collected through Internet analysis tools: the major analysis tools used have been percentages and data is interpreted with the help of bar graph and pie diagrams.
Sampling plan for survey:
Sample size = 100
Sampling time frame = 2 months

Looking at needs of the customers, standard chartered bank provides different types of saving accounts which are beneficial to customers in one way or the other.

[...] NATIONALISED BANKS 54 PRIVATE BANKS 40 MULTINATIONAL BANKS 06 Share of different categories of banks It can be inferred that still nationalized banks are people's favorite. Private Banks have also been able to get a good market share. But the position of multinational banks is not satisfactory. They have to work constantly very hard for establishing themselves among the common man. Q5. Presently, which of the following facilities you are availing? Phone Petro card Debit card Credit card Internet Banking Banking ATM All None Any other Graph showing number of people availing different facilities This study shows that the maximum no. [...]

[...] Very Good Good 17 48 Average Below Average 38 4 PERCEPTION OF PEOPLE FOR STANDARD CHARTERED BANK The diagram shows that generally people have good perception about STANDARD CHARTERED BANK where as a considerable number of people have average perception, followed by very good perception and a very few number of people have below average perception. Q7 Do you know about following products of Standard Chartered Bank? ANS. SAVING ACCOUNT 65 CURRENT ACCOUNT 28 CREDIT CARDS 34 LOANS 29 INSURANCE 11 RBI RELIEF BONDS 03 ALL OF THE ABOVE 04 NONE OF THE ABOVE 14 People knowing about STANDARD CHARTERED BANK products The graph shows that the saving a/cs are most popular among the people followed by credit cards of STANDARD CHARTERED BANK. [...]

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