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Absolut Vodka: Internationalization of the Brand

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Absolut Vodka belongs to the International Wine & Spirit company AB, which is a significant player in the global spirits market, which was held until recently by the French group Pernod Ricard.

Vin & Sprit was founded in 1917 and produces and distributes wines and spirits in Northern Europe. It is one of the ten largest spirits companies in the world and is present in 125 countries and has approximately 2,500 employees. With the rapid internationalization of Absolut Vodka, Vin & Sprit is among the top ten companies in the world of alcoholic beverages since 2000.

Absolut Vodka is the still the most important brand of Vin & Sprit and the second brand of premium quality spirits worldwide. Each bottle has a single origin: the distillery at Ahus Sweden. Every drop of Absolut is from the same single source.

The brand has direct and complete control over all stages of production and can ensure that each drop corresponds to its specifications. Absolut provides a rich range of several flavored drinks. The brand continues to innovate in the field to exploit the predilection of the youth for new flavors and all products lend themselves to mix and to create a personalized flavor.

In Sweden, between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, vodka was used as a medicine and powder for firearms. Gradually, it became the national drink of the country. Lars Olsson Smith, a businessman known as "The King of Vodka", introduced in 1879 a new type of vodka called "Absolut Rent Branvin (absolutely pure vodka).

This vodka is known today as Absolut Vodka and is produced using a new distillation method. For the market, Lars Olsson Smith then decided to open a store next to his vodka distillery on the Isle of Reimersholme and sells vodka by offering a free roundtrip. Marketing initiative for the incredible time!

Following this success, Smith decided to expand his business and sells his product in southern Sweden, an area well known for its production of vodka. Until his death in 1913, he won a considerable commercial success, continuing to sell his products throughout the country.

In the 70s, Lars Lindmark, "chief innovator, like Smith, Vin & Spirit AB modernizes the old society and decides the year's 100 years of" Absolut Rent Branvin "exporting Absolut Vodka, a new product obtained by distillation techniques even more modern.

The original product was called "Absolut Rent Branvin" (Absolute Pure Vodka). But "absolute" is a common adjective, could not constitute a trademark in the United States. The final "e" was then taken to overcome this legal obstacle and at the same time add a touch of Sweden. The word "Pure" also posed legal problems, so it was deleted.

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