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Adidas and the market of the sport shoes

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In 2003, the French market for sports shoes was growing and accounted for 1.5 billion Euros in 2002. However, paradoxically, 70% of sporting goods were purchased by non-practitioners, for recreational use. At the same time, a passion for running can be found.

Adidas, the second in the market for sporting goods, especially that of running, hopes to increase its market share in the area, but is considered a luxury brand instead, and is recognized through sports such as football and tennis.

How can we increase the market share of Adidas, particularly on the French market for running shoes, while the competition is fierce and that the group is not perceived as a brand for running shoes?

For the analysis of the external market, Porter's method of analysis has been used. The market for sport shoes is extremely competitive. There are ten major competitors, Nike, Adidas and Reebok are the market leaders. Nike has a strong lead over its competitors because it has more than double the market share of Adidas.

There are four main competitors in the market for running shoes, Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Asics. In this sector also, Nike has a strong lead over its competitors because it has more than double the market share and also turnover.

Each competitor stands more or less by a different positioning. Nike is pretty set on the high end while Adidas has technological innovation and is seen as a brand with a credible story. Reebok is on a new line, while Asics products have technical quality. New Balance has the same position as Asics are further targeted for women. Puma believes in "life style" and good design.

In both the sports shoes and running shoes markets, there is a race for innovation and thus to a proliferation of patents. It is also pertinent to mention the rise of brands that are competing to be reckoned with.

The materials used to manufacture sports shoes are relatively common; suppliers have no real bargaining power over their clients primarily on price.

Tags: French sports shoes market, Adidas market share, marketing of Adidas sport shoes in the French market

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