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Advantages (benefits) and disadvantages (risks and demerits) of online shopping

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  1. Introduction
  2. Advantages of online shopping
  3. Disadvantages of online shopping
  4. The eBay case
    1. Differences between eBay and Sotheby's
  5. Recommendations for customers
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

Internet has become a part of our everyday life over the last decade. It has opened new horizons for the companies and the people as online shopping and auctions are experiencing a remarkable success. According to Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine (2000) the total turnover of online sales in 1999 was $33.1 billion. Today, ten years later, the turnover is several times higher. The online shopping industry made it easier to purchase from your home at any time of the day or the night. Purchasing goods online has become ?a 21st century life skill?. However, in spite of the comforts e-commerce creates of the average people, there are many concerns about privacy and frauds. This paper will address the advantages and the disadvantages of online shopping.

1.Advantages of online shopping

Online shopping is more convenient for the customer than any other kind of shopping. One doesn't need to go to the store or make a phone call. According to a survey from 2001, customers say that they ?can buy without going to stores? (65.2%); and ?can buy whenever you want? (58.2%). Around 1/3 of the sample answered they can save time and buy foreign goods easily. About ¼ of the respondents said they could buy rare things that can't be found in stores.

Another advantage of online shopping is that consumers are able to browse the items freely, at any time they want, without asking for help from vendors. Also, there's no pressure for the consumer to purchase anything as he's spent too much time in the store.

Tags: Market attitude towards online shopping, Advantages of online shopping, Online shopping trend, Merits of online shopping, Disadvantages of online shopping

[...] The client is also able to compare prices and to choose the best combination between price and quality Disadvantages of online shopping In spite of the wide range of advantages suggested above, there are many concerns about online shopping ( However, my analysis will skip the emotional side of shopping (collective shopping with friends accompanied with social discussions between them, etc.) which is considered to be wiped out with online shopping. My analysis will also skip the lack of computer and Internet access due to the fact in the 21st century almost everyone (regardless his age, occupation, income and social status) can afford either to buy a personal computer or to go to Internet café. [...]

[...] Merchants and consumers will face the question of which national law should be applied. Thus, I think the WTO should take measures for unification of e-commerce regulations in order better consumer protection worldwide to be provided. Conclusion In conclusion, the advantages of e-commerce are innumerable. The disadvantages are countless, too. Online shopping will probably continue its constant growth. People prefer to purchase from their homes, as they're lying on the coach. However, they must keep in mind that it's dangerous to give inappropriate personal information and data. [...]

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