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Advertising and communication: Advertising campaign for a new allergy medicine

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  1. Definition of the product and service
    1. What is its function?
    2. What problem or opportunity does it solve?
    3. What is its name / brand?
  2. Reaching the audience
    1. Who is your target audience ?
    2. What drivers will they respond to ?
  3. Delievering the message
    1. What Integrated Marketing Communications mix will you select?
    2. What specific media will you use?
  4. Regulatory issues
    1. What regulatory or trade association issues or restrictions do you operate under?
  5. Final campaign
    1. Present a completed example of an advertising/commercial/alternate media campaign

I have just been hired to take over as the marketing director of a major international pharmaceutical company, Merck & Co. We are a global research driven pharmaceutical company. The company was established in 1891 and we are based in New Jersey. We are currently one of the seven largest pharmaceutical companies in the world in terms of market capitalization and revenue. Our worldwide turnover was about $22 billion in 2005. We develop and sell many different medicines to improve human and animal health. We sell medicine such as Gardasail, Singulair, Propecia?The company makes extensive efforts to increase access to medicine through social programs. Merck & Co is committed to developing and delivering innovative medicines and vaccines. Our research and development area have just invented vaccines to prevent HIV. This is a tremendous success for Merck & Co because we have been investing huge amounts of money in HIV programs. We know that more and more people are suffering from HIV and AIDS. We are going to revolutionize the market and make our brand famous as we discovered the vaccine. Furthermore, we are going to set up a HIV program to help people who will take our product. This program will help people living with HIV or AIDS by advising them on how to take the pills and how to get better. So, I am in charge of introducing the HIV vaccine in the United States market. The following steps will show us the strategy I am going to set up and how we are going to make the HIV vaccine sell all around the world.

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