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Advertising and communication: Launching a new product - Women's magazine

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  1. Introduction
  2. The product
    1. Content
    2. Functions
    3. Opportunity
    4. SWOT
  3. The audience
  4. Integrated Marketing Communications mix
    1. Marketing and communication objectives
    2. Marketing communication mix
  5. Advertising
    1. Radio
    2. Billboard
    3. Television
    4. Direct marketing
  6. Regulatory issues
  7. Final campaign

In this advertising and communication strategy based paper, we will deal with the launch of a new product - a women's magazine. In France, the press is a big market but there are some population segments which lack specialized magazines. One such segment covers women aged above 60; this state of affairs has spurred our interest in launching a magazine catering to the needs and interests of this specific demographic. As there is a dearth of competitors on this segment, it will be easy to differentiate our magazine from other women's magazine. The most difficult part will be the communication, as it is a new product, therefore we have to create product awareness and set up a marketing and communication plan to reach our target audience and create loyalty. Firstly, we will talk about the product itself, its characteristics, function and content. We will see how this new product can respond to a big opportunity. Subsequently, we will talk identify the audience we intend to reach and the inherent aspects of this particular demographic. Following the creation of a marketing mix, we will determine an effective communication strategy for our new product. We will set up the marketing and communication objectives in order to determine the marketing communication mix. Later we will examine the regulatory issues even if the French press is not known for its stringent regulations and it is quite easy to launch a new magazine. In the concluding section, we will talk about the final campaign with an example of a media campaign.

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