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An examination of a hotel and its various departments

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  1. Introduction to hotel industry
  2. Chalets
  3. International hotel scenario
  4. The present scenario
    1. Individual hotels
  5. Relationship between tourism and the hotel industry
  6. Front office
    1. Hierarchy
    2. Reservation
    3. Payments
    4. Rreservations
    5. Meal arrangements
  7. Amenities given to the guest
  8. Reception
    1. Facilities and equipment
    2. Staffing
    3. Registration
    4. Night receptionist
    5. Guest arrival/departure procedure
    6. Co-ordination with other departments
  9. House keeping department
    1. Organization of the housekeeping deparment
    2. Control desk
    3. Linen room
    4. Uniform room
    5. Laundry
    6. Flower room
    7. Division of work
    8. Procedures for making up a room
    9. Job description
    10. Guest laundry
    11. Inter departmental co-ordination
  10. Organisational hierarchy
    1. Job description
    2. Formats used in the F and B service
  11. Room service
    1. Order taking
    2. Order placing
    3. Task performed
    4. Shift wise service
    5. Banquets
  12. Food and beverage production
    1. Organisational hierarcy
    2. The pantry
    3. Bakery and confectionery
    4. Layout of the kitchen
    5. Equipment used
    6. Cuisine
    7. Duties and responsibilities
    8. Co-ordination with other departments
  13. Materials department
    1. Purchase
    2. Procedure for purchase of assets
    3. Purchase of raw materials or consumable items
    4. Purchase method of raw materials
    5. Purchasing specifications
    6. Purchase order
    7. Work flow of the departments
    8. Receiving
  14. Stores
    1. Storage objectives
    2. Inventory
    3. Issuing from the stores
  15. Accounts department
    1. Hierarchy of the accounts department
    2. Functions of accounts department
    3. General duties of an accountant
  16. Personnel department
    1. Recruitment
    2. Orientation
    3. Retaining
    4. Appraisal
    5. Retrenchment
    6. Dismissal
    7. Records maintained
    8. Functions of the department
  17. Sales and marketing department
    1. Duties of the sales and marketing executive
    2. Registers maintained by the department
  18. Engineering and maintenance
    1. Organisation hierarchy
    2. Systems
    3. Procedure
  19. Security
    1. Organisational hierarchy
    2. Registers maintained by the security
  20. Problems and suggestions

Under the British law ?a hotel is a place where the bona fide traveler gets shelter and food provided they are in a position to pay for it and are in a fit condition to be received.?

Origin: The discovery of wheel brought development to trade and tourism; horse carriages, and caravans started transporting to far away places. This was the medieval age. In Europe it was the Elizabethan Era. France, England, Switzerland and Germany had beautiful hotels with artistic interior decoration, beautiful gardens and few guest rooms, and a fine dining arrangement with rich cutlery & crockery.
During the industrial revolution, the establishment of industries made a lot of rural people come and settle in urban areas. Steam engine was used for railways & ships. Common people had disposable income in hand and the laborers of industrial revolution were given holiday & off days.

The chalets became popular in Switzerland. These are beautiful cottages made of wood with sloping roof; a fireplace and a chimney and a sloping roof on top of the ceiling roof. In England these were ? inns' run by a husband and wife team in their own dwelling cottage, one portion being let out on daily rent. The domestic servants as well as the lady of the house cooks the food and serves them. The gentlemen are busy with maintenance ,engineering and revenue management. These inns were used by the higher status people. Taverns were situated in England and generally used by the common people. They had series of cottages, a well for drinking water and stable for horses.

[...] The Caesar Ritz and Augusti Escoffier, two stalwarts of the Hotel Industry, the former being an expert in F & B (service) and introduced fine dinning and the latter being a great chef the world has ever seen. William Waldorf Astor and John Jacob Astor IV constructed the 13th story Waldorf hotel and also the 17 story Astoria hotel and had an interconnecting corridor connecting both the blocks and it was called the Waldorf Astoria constructed during 1893. During 1929 the hotel had to close down and vacate to make room for the Empire State building. [...]

[...] Recruiting and dismissing of staffs Submitting various periodical returns Forms and Formats Used Application forms Leave forms Medical check up forms Loan forms Letters of application Regret letter Interview letter SALES & MARKETING DEPARTMENT It is very essential for every hotel to have a sale back up system since it is the key to the success of the organization. The department plays an important role in getting revenue to the hotel. The sales and marketing department in the hotel helps to increase the sales of the hotel. [...]

[...] The size of the food and beverage department depends on many factors, including the size and type of hotel and its commitment in food and beverage services. A typical mid market hotel has at least one restaurant. Many hotels have a coffee shop for casual dinning and a fine restaurant with more formal atmosphere. A typical resort or convention center may have several restaurants on the grounds. The food and beverages divisions has four important functions 1. Generating additional profit for the hotel 2. [...]

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