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An overview of the off shoring concept

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  1. Introduction
  2. Evolution in corporate America
  3. Major players in offshoring
  4. Statistics of the financial aspects and the growth rate of offfshoring in the US
  5. Impact of offshoring accounted for 3 major groups
    1. Individuals
    2. Businesses
    3. Nations
  6. Factors critical for success of offshoring
  7. Issues involved in offshoring
  8. Costs and values
  9. The unique challenges
  10. The critical one
  11. Major players in offshoring
  12. References

Mindcrest, a Chicago based legal firm, had younger associates who wanted to do more challenging work rather than doing simple legal work related to research and routine legal affairs like filling of qualified domestic orders. And also clients were not ready to shed $ 200 for such simple work. So they found out an alternative i.e., by sending their work overseas. The company had employed six lawyers and nine staff workers in Mumbai to work on these routine legal matters. By doing this, they saw that the costs reduced tremendously making it profitable for the firm. This whole process where a company opens its base in another location which could prove to be beneficial for the company in a wide number of ways is termed as off shoring. In one way we can term off shoring as internationalization of services .The present case is only for a legal firm .But there are many companies which are into this off shoring business. Each firm has its own reason to set up its branch in another location. One would be because of cheap labor, another for more proximity to material and the list goes on. (Ellen. l.Rosen, New York Times, March 14 2004).

[...] Like this each company has started reducing their employees in the main center and started to open their offices in other places.?(LOUIS UCHITELLE, October 2003) IMPACT OF OFFSHORING ON BUSINESSES: Off shoring has a tremendous impact on the businesses as it saves a significant amount of money for the company by moving to a location where the labor is cheap, as In the case of General Motors which shifted its base to Mexico to Manufacture Pontiac Azteks. Another type is producing components of a product at different places and then making the final at another location as is done in the computer industry. [...]

[...] (December, 2001) As an IS manager what recommendations will you make to the CIO of your organization to overcome this challenge? Initially data needs to be segregated according to the importance and preferences i.e., some data may be needed by the employees and some only by the top management. So the information required by the top management is not required for the employees. So they must not be given access to such information. It's also recommended that the security policies follow a data life cycle process. [...]

[...] A well sketched out contract is necessary for the success of any off shoring company. However the other side of it is managing and also maintains a good relationship between the customer and supplier which contributes to the success. Political issues: Any company would not burn its fingers by investing in a country which is not politically stable or which has no proper policies. If a country is in constant war or has many terrorist operations being carried out no company would prefer to enter such markets. [...]

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