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Apple Inc: Building a corporation the Apple’s way

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  1. Introduction
  2. The business functions
  3. Apple computer inc
    1. Apple's product lines
    2. Analysis of the 10k report
    3. Analysis of the sales of Apple over a period of time
  4. Distribution
    1. Forms of distribution for Apple's products
  5. Market segmentation
  6. The main competitor's for Apple and their strength and weakness
    1. Dell
    2. Microsoft
    3. Hewlett-Packard
    4. IBM
  7. Future of Apple
    1. PEST analysis
    2. SWOT analysis
  8. Conclusion
  9. References

Apple Inc is famous for launching fast selling products. We have to see if Apple is really on the right track or if they will be seeing the trough of a business cycle sooner than later. First we will go over the Apple Inc Business functions, then we will look at where they are now, finally we will look at the future of Apple Inc.

Apple has made its mark in major two industries that is personnel computers and Consumer Electronics. They have just released the Apple iPhone, but it's unclear whether this is still a part of a consumer electronic. The Apple Inc company is the only one that manufactures entire personal computer offer. They have recently upgraded all their most popular items in the computer industry and changed their computer specifications. This upgrade has made Apple computers one of the most effective in the market. Apple Inc is also in the consumer electronic industry because they provide the top selling and top of the line portable digital music playing devices. Their product is known as the Apple iPod and is now a household name.

[...] For years they have been offering their computers to schools for years and have grown a large following just from the children that are familiar with Apple and comfortable with Apple interface. This also allows Apple to watch market trends since their market is also people between 20 and 30 years old. The young children will be the future so Apple simply watches what they are interested in. Their final bit of distribution comes from other warehouse companies or help desk companies that need the Apple parts and products to fix peoples' computers. [...]

[...] One thing that they do have which most electronic companies don't is such a large R&D expenditure so, Apple has the best chance to pull even further ahead of competition. There are many strategies here. Conclusion In conclusion we have seen that Apple is not an industry leader because their differentiation keeps people from investing in them. They do not want to get stuck with a bunch of hardware that isn't compatible with anything. However, once the leap is made, most people find that they will not willingly go back to PCs. [...]

[...] The differences between these consumers will change in the specific machines purchased, the utility functions necessary, and the way Apple reaches these people to let them know about new products. Competitors The main competitors for Apple's computer products are Dell Inc, Hewlett- Packard Co, IBM, and Microsoft Corporation. It might be useful to get a table of strengths and weaknesses of each company including Apple Inc. Company Strength Weakness APPLE Great diversified Low profit margins, products, really small market share leading a market, great RD, executive and intelligence competencies, Great design Dell Hardware Market share Not as popular anymore Microsoft Software economy Out of new developments Hewlett-Packard Standards are good They have here disappeared, where are they? [...]

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