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Art and culture in branding

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  1. Introduction
  2. A marketing tool and business
    1. Artistic creation and commercial products
    2. Art, culture and advertising
    3. The types of operations
  3. A tool of corporate communication
    1. Art and culture: Developer know-how of the brand
    2. An affirmation of citizenship and ethics of the brand
  4. A tool for human resource management
    1. Identity, history and corporate culture
  5. Recovery of employees

Art is the means used to produce an aesthetic creation. From the beginning of humanity, art has been the vehicle of thought, the vector of emotions. It is the graphic or sound understanding of the deep interior of our beings.
Culture is defined as the data acquired and transmitted within a social group such as the productions of intellectual, artistic and religious background. Artistic creation contributes to the development and enrichment of culture.

[...] To raise values of the society of advanced communications, art and culture to humanize a world saturated with product and technology by introducing new qualities in the business: life, picture, emotion and contemplation. A tool for Human Resource Management Since the mid-90s, a radical change took place within companies in design management. This development was focused towards the discovery of wealth of the individual, his intuition, his ability to listen and concentrate. Internal communication was through art and cultures a multidimensional approach and the best powerful means of recovery was both collective and individual. [...]

[...] Art and Culture: An affirmation of citizenship and ethics of the brand In a globalized world the rules are more and more blurred, in a model of society or the role of the state diminishes, to the reactions vis-à-vis the unhealthy practices of business and given the power of media can no longer ignore the protests of consumers, the company is more accountable than ever in relation to its environment and becomes a real player in civic life. Art and culture are a model for the brand choice of ethics and citizenship, because they show that humanity can produce better values of tolerance (cohabitation of the world of the artist and the world public), absolute (as the search for meaning, beauty and transcendence), and timelessness (freedom of religion and modes of modernity). [...]

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